Episode 29: Audrey Hepburn


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Hey, an Actor! goes experimental as The Brothers Wilson truly take the plunge into Hollywood yesteryear and latch on to Audrey Hepburn as their featured subject. From the forum favorite of Roman Holiday to romantic comedy Sabrina and the film adaptation of the Broadway musical My Fair Lady, the hosts do what they can to avoid ruffling critical feathers due to their callow tastes. Along the way, Ian quotes some unusual philosophers, Pandy recounts what he did when he was purposefully left home alone for an actual holiday in Rome, and, once again, WCW wrestlers are referenced for seemingly no reason. And which host perseveres with a frankly amazing Humphrey Bogart impression? All this whilst Ian delights in the wholesale lack of prepared jingles for the month. [ 2:40:04 || 77.2 MB ]


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Good episode as usual chaps, although this complaining about feedback does make you seem awful needy.

I have never seen an Audrey Hepburn film but as usual you guys have made me want to expand my horizons a little. Probably start off with Roman Holiday and go from there. Maybe Charade with the famous Bristolian actor Cary Grant.


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Charade and Roman Holiday might be the best entry points into her filmography. Funny Face is my personal favorite, though. I'd also recommend checking out some of her later movies like Wait Until Dark(mentioned in the show) and Two For the Road. 

There's plenty of coffeetable books out there. I've only read one biography, Audrey: Her Real Story by Alexander Walker, and that's a good read, a pretty thorough examination of her life.

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