Episode 31: Max von Sydow


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The most left-field choice in the history of Hey, An Actor!, Ian and Pandy recover from game show humiliation and invasive surgery, respectively, to look at three entries in the career of Swedish elder statesman Max von Sydow! Shutter Island sees our subject oversee the greater mystery as Leonardo DiCaprio searches for truth within an island-based asylum. Then, Pandy's tolerance for black and white foreign films is tested as von Sydow portrays a chess-playing knight against the embodiment of Death in The Seventh Seal. And the choice of the people is for both Brothers Wilson to check out The Exorcist for the first time, some 12 months after they watched Halloween to decidedly mixed opinions. Along the way, the episode also includes a brand new Pandy Parody, a fan trailer reimagining The Seventh Seal as a romcom, and a plethora of beloved British celebrity mentions, from Seal to the likes of Anthea Turner and Peter Simon. Also, the content of the upcoming Episode 900 of Earth-2.net: The Show is exclusively announced! [ 2:56:51 || 85.3 MB ]


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