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Myself and my friend Harry Chute have started a new podcast titled "Questions: We Don't Have Answers!". The show's about discussing the un-discussable, tackling common topics of discussion and trying to get to the bottom of society's endless problems. It's a show that we go in as honest as possible and invite others to comment and and contribute to with their thoughts, opinions and perspectives to further the conversation. Currently have five episodes available, we're on iTunes and a FB will be forthcoming. Check us out and please give your thoughts if you do!


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After listening to one episode I must say that I think we cannot be on more opposite sides of the political and religious spectrum.


When is the next episode coming?

Friday! And it's an episode about bias in the media!

Seriously, please feel free to send in any thoughts especially if you disagree! We want to continue the conversation and we want all types opinions!

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It's been five months since we started the podcast, and we're up to fifteen episodes now as of today. Thought I'd give this thread another shot in the arm in case anyone who might be interested hasn't seen it yet.

All of which can be found here: https://questionsnoanswers.wordpress.com/

The episode discussions we've had so far are:

-Is There a Morality to Sexual Fantasies?

-Racial Pride vs. Stereotypes (Don't listen to that one)

-When is Ethnocentrism Okay?

-Do Celebrities Who Torpedo their Personas Deserve Second Chances?

-Can We Be Proud of our Sexuality?

-Is Unbiased News in the Media Possible?

-Are Fictional Characters ever Meant to be a Certain Race?

-Do We Still Need the MPAA/Rating Systems?

-Does Advertising Make Us See People As Objects?

-Do We Still Need the Second Amendment?

-2016 Presidential Election Aftermath talk

-Does Religion Divide Us or Unite Us?

-Can You Be Outraged on Other People's Behalf?

-Is It Okay to Fall in Love with Fictional Characters?

-Pride vs. Stereotypes Round 2: Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah discussion

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