Episode 62: The Twilight Saga - Eclipse


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Hanna had some strong points, one hit me like an epiphany.  (my avatar of the epiphany panda was merely coincidental) The other one I disagree with. I am going to start with the one I disagree with. I have not found the Twilight series to influence chastity. In high school a friend of mine loved twilight and was falling in love with every other girl he came across. My little sister nicknamed him "Brock" from the Pokemon series. Last I heard he was engaged to the mother of his child. 

The part that I did not realize until you mentioned it was the character assassination in YA novel series. I was pointing this out to my mom and she defended the series with "but they are happy." to which I interjected by applying it to one of her favorite stories, Pride and Prejudice (which is also a story that Stephanie Meyers claims to read once a year) 

"Okay If Pride and Prejudice was a contemporary YA novel then right after Elizabeth Bennett decides to marry Mr. Darcy 0f2b74ab-a724-4d23-8c4a-367215b14d1e.jpg

Mr. Darcy is going to do something over the top terrible, like go on a killing spree in a church, which causes her to end up with Bingley. 


My mom just laughed at how absolutely absurd that idea was and I felt like I made my point. 

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I might need to watch Breaking Wind before you review it. Hannah said it was a pro-life commercial, and I have heard elsewhere that it has a strong anti-abortion message.

Now, I am anti-abortion. (That's all I am going to say about that, because this site and this forum is not the place for that.) Given my views on abortion, I would be interested to see Breaking Wind and what I think of the anti-abortion message in the movie - whether it is overly aggressive, inappropriate for the story, etc.

It's one thing to have a political message in a stand-alone movie. It's another thing to shoehorn a political message into a sequel when none of the previous three movies have had a political message.

I've already committed to ruining my birthday this October by watching Saw VIII, so I might as well watch Breaking Wind also. (Saw VIII comes out the day before my birthday.)

Of course, if I am insane enough to subject myself to the horror that is Breaking Wind, I will watch it well before my birthday. I don't think I can handle watching Saw VIII and Breaking Wind too close together.


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