Episode 920


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The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree. (And, yes, that's spelled right, Internet.)

Now I'm wondering what Earth-2.net podcast is best suited for some Mandela Effect discussion.

FWIW, my knee jerk reaction to the "Didn't Mandela die while still in prison" is always his appearance at Yankee Stadium shortly after his release.  The Yankees even honored Mandela's actual passing with a Monument Park plaque a few years back.

I do love combating "didn't he/she die years ago" with "well, they just weren't constantly in the spotlight for such a long time, so that does add to the mind playing tricks"  Good example is Gene Wilder's self imposed retirement following his wife, Gilda Radner's battles with cancer.  The guy just stayed out of the limelight for a very long time.


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It was more in reference to the Meme where everyone take misremembering something from their childhood as evidence that they're living in an alternate reality.

Yeah, its a branch of Mandela.

I've also seen famous misquotes now being used as "proof" as well, despite logical reasons behind why the misquote would be used (i.e. "No!  I AM your father!" being generic and needing "Luke" in out of context tellings of the line).

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