Episode 10.01


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Dave and Ian embark on what might be their most divisive show to date, Russell T. Davies' Dark Season. In the first three-episode story, the sinister Mr. Eldritch donates free computers to a local school and gives each child a computer to take home, free of charge. The only person not convinced of Mr. Eldritch's good intentions is pupil Marcie Hatter. Marcie, alongside her friends Reet and Thomas, decide to investigate and discover that a man whose car has the numberplate "Nemesis" might not be as benevolent as he claims. Ian is unhappy at finding his own Crime Traveller, there is a celebration of the career of Cyril Shapps, and they encounter their second Oscar winner. [ 1:38:17 || 37.6 MB ]

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While I really, really, really want to give Dark Seasons a fair shake, I had to turn episode one off after a few minutes because I actively wanted to punch Marcie in her face. From the moment she set foot on screen, she became the worst lead character I have seen in a long time. If not ever. Maybe she'll have an arc and become likable by the end, but, thus far, she is despicable.

All that said, I cannot wait to listen to this episode. So far I'm six minutes in and Ian's contempt for Marcie is already palpable.

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