Episode 955


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Useless rings, forgotten plot points, and unseen Disney characters are just a few ingredients of this flaptastic edition of List and Shout! This time, Pandy and Christian conjure up their favorite good and wicked witches and compile the cruelest curses ever cast. [ 1:39:45 || 50.9 MB ]

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You had some good choices. While I could not think of any curses, here are some that I would have included on my list.

for good witches

Madame Razz from She Ra: Princess of Power


Kiki from Kiki's Delivery service


Yuuko Ichihara from Tsubasa/Holic

     4e7733156cb6b7de95571c0e2de22a3c.jpg   tumblr_inline_no95v78lnG1s2ua4d_1280.jpg      latest?cb=20140421155012


For wicked witches.

Lamia from Stardust.


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You boys and your potty mouths, honestly.

I mean, I expect it of Pandy, but for Christian to be dragged down to this level...

To answer the first question, latest witch would be Ethel Hallow, as played by the Oscar nominated Felicity Jones. Why? Because she's always being outsmart education by, literally, The Worst Witch.

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