Episode 978


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In this jam-packed 12th anniversary episode of Earth-2.net: The Show: Dave and Mike discuss recent geeky media, including trailers for The Punisher and Runaways, as well as some Doctor Who casting; then Mike asks if USAvengers #11 and Wonder Woman #33 are good jumping-on points; he then reviews the forthcoming film My Friend Dahmer; and, lastly, it's the spoooooky return of 1st Issue Special! [ 2:37:56 || 78.0 MB ]


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21 hours ago, Mr Mockery said:

Then can we call on you to be a Bradley Walsh expert?


Also, as a rebuttal to your "Marvel embraces all talents re: directors" point, my counterpoints would be a) Edgar Wright being removed from Ant-Man, and b) Guardians (and seemingly Thor 3) aside, the tone of the MCU movies don't seem all that different. I'd *expect* this to differ again for Black Panther, but if it doesn't, I wouldn't be surprised either.

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Edgar Wright being pulled off Ant-Man is oft cited as an example of Marvel being controlling but directors and studios part company all the time for various reasons. Wright isn't a big studio filmmaker by choice and that's what Marvel became. I can see why they'd not click. The only reason it was news worthy is because Wright is a geek darling. Thor: The Dark World changed directors too and no one mentions that.

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