Episode 38


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During a medical crisis, Kirk and Spock find themselves battling an oppressive society ("The Cloud Minders"). Then the duo teams with Space Lincoln and Vulcan Jesus in a battle of ultimate good versus ultimate evil ("The Savage Curtain"). (Note: Mike mistakenly said "Kahless of Vulcan" when he meant "Kahless of Qo'noS.") [ 1:06:10 || 32.2 MB ]


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11 hours ago, Mr Mockery said:

Every mention of Space Lincoln is gold. I now want him to have his own show.

He deserves a crossover with Evil Nazi Patrick Troughton.

"Hail to the Chief" is in the public domain now, but perhaps it wasn't in 1969? They might have been playing a different tune from the 1800s time when Space Lincoln arrived on the Enterprise, but "Hail to the Chief" has been the presidential anthem since before real Lincoln became president.

Also, was it just a trick of the lighting, or was the actor playing Space Lincoln practically in brownface during some scenes?

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There's an interesting further discussion concerning that Lincoln and Uhura scene that has stayed in my brain since I first saw it, but I think the ultimate thesis for it is exactly what Dan said, which was Roddenberry bragging about his liberalism. The scene itself is a spit-take, but almost precious in its...hamfist-edness? Cheesyness, IDK what the right word would be. 

I can't wait until Turnabout Intruder...

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I find it funny that Rodenberry tried to pass a Spanish word as the name for an exotic alien planet.

"Zora from the planet Shark"

I am sure that there are other languages used in Star Trek, but knowing Spanish, Spanish words will jump out at me. Like in the pilot for "Discovery" with the Sunset people.

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