Sin City: The TV Show


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Sin City TV series on way

Sin City, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's adaptation of the latter's noirish graphic novels, is to be made into a TV series.

The project is one of several on a tantalising slate for a new TV production company being set up by the Weinstein brothers through their new outfit, The Weinstein Co.

The Miramax founders, who left their own firm after a dispute with parent company Disney over their desire to make larger, more costly films, look set to use all their big screen connections as they vie to make inroads in the television sphere.

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Unless they script giant, season-spanning stories (like 24 and The Shield), I just don't see how they're going to be able to make this into a weekly show. Also consider that this has to be on HBO or Showtime, otherwise the nudity, violence and language will have to be grossly toned down.

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This sounds incredibly ambitious, and in my eyes that’s a good thing.

Its success, I think, will depend on the additional writers they’ll inevitably have to hire.

They could make it an animation series, which would be interesting, and lend itself to self-contained episodes. But yeah, if they don’t, they’re going to have deal with interlinking stories, and find a way of not being too repetitious.

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