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  1. Yeah, I have to admit that I'm shockingly optimistic about this decision. Zombie is VERY well schooled in horror history and everything, and I think that is the most important aspect that was needed for the next writer. Very cool and I'm hopeful.
  2. I made this same post at the Oratory... but frankly, I like the people here's opinions a lot more and trust them a lot more to let me have it if I completely went off track. ********** I just got back from it and I thought it was a GREAT way to end it. That is IF THEY END IT THERE. -I never expected Xavier to be killed. The way he died was just horrific and I'll admit that I almost cried when it happened. Just a heart-pounding moment that was incredible with all the parties who could see what was happening (Magneto, Grey/Phoenix, Wolverine). Just solidified how fucking powerful she was since not even X could stop her and Magneto was pretty much powerless as well. There WAS the hole opened up that maybe Magneto COULD have helped if he had sided with Xavier and tried to help. Doubtful though. -Magneto and Xavier's relationship was executed outstandingly I thought. Keep in mind that I don't know comic cannon and basically am going off of a limited knowledge from when I was a kid. I just really thought that the sheer amount of respect that Magneto HAD for Xavier was very evident with his reaction to Pyro's comment. -Phoenix... the sheer amount of power WAS represented very very well I thought, but man alive she just didn't take the central role that I really thought she would. Yeah, everything basically revolved around her, but that isn't the point I'm trying to make. I just wish more had been explored into her personality and how it worked. What AWESOME power though. -Beast was fucking ill. That's it. Fucking ILL. Plus, throwback costume? Hell yeah. -Archangel was kind of an afterthought through the whole thing, but I think that was just to give some legs to it later on should they decide to do a new generation kind of thing. -Storm wasn't as central as I thought she would be considering all I had heard about Halle Berry pitching a fit. I think the role that she played was actually really really good. -I thought that the visual of the six X-Men standing in the face of ALL the other mutants was pretty freaking cool. The fight was just insane though as they basically were able to take on everyone, pretty much showcasing the deal about how important the school was. Pretty neat symbolism. -Juggernaut is SO going to have some sort of role in the rumored Wolverine spin-off. He fucking owned Logan. Easily had the line of the night with, "You think that can hold me? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" Whole theater cheered when he said it. He totally went down in a pretty neat way though I thought. -More Colossus was needed. The scene of him walking with the television was hilarious though. -Cyclops died and I couldn't be happier really. He annoyed the piss out of me. -Rogue was a complete afterthought as I thought that she would have a role in stopping Phoenix somehow with her power transfer ability. Kind of a dual sacrifice thing and so on. I'd laugh if she killed Ice Man somehow when her powers come back. -The introductory simulation where the Sentinal appeared had me just in awe because of the way it was executed. Just the visual of a Sentinal head gave me goosebumps. And finally... -Ian McKellen was absolutely phenominal in his role as Magneto. He gave the speeches with an amazing amount of charisma, was able to really get across the facials when he needed to, and straight brought the acting once he had been given the "cure". Plus the visual of him sitting at a chess-board and moving the King after his repeated utterance of "the pawns go first" was really cool and I thought very clever. Also needing a mention in this area is Patrick Stewart for the way he portrayed Professor X during his limited screen time. Just a phenominal actor and probably (along with McKellen) one of the best castings that they made with these movies. Kudos to both of those men for bringing an outstanding ability to these movies. Questions for the people who would know... -I didn't think that's how the Phoenix was introduced at all, as a second part of Grey's psyche. Is it really how it came about? I could have SWORE it was interplanetary. Thus leading to my second question of did it kind of mess up Xavier's character to have him put the blocks in place or was that actually part of the comic cannon too? -What class mutant is Storm? Wolverine? -Does anyone think that Magneto have ultimately helped Xavier if he had wanted to? Like I said, I hope that it is done with this movie. A LOT of people died it seemed and should they want to do a Wolverine spin-off, I could see that... but a straight up "X-Men" movie... I don't think they should do it at all. This was a good way to end it and X-Men without Professor X in it just seems weird and makes me very sad
  3. Damn, I'm too late to get in M. Bison
  4. I didn't miss it. SeaQuest went to space at one point, so I'm going to count that as "primarily" in my own little world of outrage!
  5. I'll admit that I have been totally converted into a Paper Mario fan. The more Paper Mario I get, the happier I am.
  6. Ulliel, if the rumors of how utterly bookwormish he was about the role (and like he stated above) are true, then he might drag this thing kicking and screaming to a good movie. I'll admit that when I first heard, I was kind of down about it... but now I'm getting more excited.
  7. FUCKING NO SEAQUEST?!?!? Gosh dammit, I disappear for awhile and this place goes completely crazy! Null vote
  8. Let me read when you're finished plz. Thx
  9. She doesn't show anything actually. There are just random women showing boobies running around.
  10. I'll try and find the pictures of the girl who is playing Gwen Stacy with her blonde hair. She looks A LOT like the part.
  11. Haiduk on SeaQuest (first season) had some of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my entire freaking life. EDIT: pix~
  12. Thanks for the feedback Hames! Let me know what you think after you wind up seeing it. I'm curious on the views people take on the movie.
  13. Man, it was a return to form for Jamez~ Good review and I was really really excited that it was a lot different from mine (stylewise). The real thanks I owe you is that you warned me on IM about it since I was going to see it (you know, vampire stuff). Saved me some money! Good review as always man.
  14. Bah! I think I found my first ignore victim.
  15. I too voted with my heart rather than my head. Head said X-Men... heart said Fantastic Four.
  16. Then the day is MINE~! It's MINE~! too~~
  17. If only you knew how sick Cash was when he did that segment My voice was hooooooorrrible~~ Next month though, I've got plans BABY.
  18. Man, those are some pretty ill features. I'm hoping for a lighter skin too~~ And count "Yoda" as the first person on my "ignored users" list. ...
  19. Cash

    The Boondocks

    This is probably going to get me in a lot of trouble, but I figure that I know most of you well enough to pull this rant off without sounding toooo horrible. I hate this show. I hate the fact that people like it. I hate that the people who like it are really quick to call me down for making a joke that makes fun of racial stereotypes, but OHHHHHH this show RULEZZZZZZ and it does the same thing. I fucking hate that. I'm sick of the double standards that exist and I'm sick of people allowing them to exist without there being any sort of problem. ARGH.
  20. Weird. I got it for the second time today. Hooray for virus catcher thingy~