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There wasn't a real "single" storyline to the Amalgam series, but rather a bunch of one-shot comics like "Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Dark Claw" and "Lobo the Duck". All of them had different storylines. The only "single" storyline was the man who was trying to fix the two universes so that they didn't destroy one another.

In Marvel VS. D.C., the heroes and villains are combined for about half of issue #4 (Amalgam) and then they split back into their original forms and take on all the REALLY bad guys like Thanos and Darkseid. But the Amalgam lasts longer than issue #4 would have one believe since they had a ton of those side stories like I listed above. And the side stories all take place in the first half of that issue (you just never see them unless you buy the one-shots.)

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