Episode 1073: Flickchart Forum: The Rocky Horror Show


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We would like, if we may, to take you on a strange journey. The Flickchart Forum sees Ian (a paralegal), Dan (a geriatric), and Chris (a professor) take note of and rank all the films name-checked in the song "Science Fiction / Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Show. It is a veritable time warp focusing on cult horror and science fiction movies from many years ago. So just how does the discussion turn to Power Rangers, "Steve! From Vancouver," and interminable ape-based films directed by Peter Jackson? The answer to that, as well as the forum's individual introductions to Rocky Horror, lie within! [ 1:37:25 || 48.3 MB ]


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Very fun episode, guys, and a great way to play with the Flickchart Forum format.

If we're telling our Rocky Horror Picture Show stories, I'll add mine: I was 10 or 11, and my mom took me to see the movie Halloween night. It was eye opening at the very least. Since then I've seen it three or four times, but never the stage show. One day I hope to rectify that.

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Speaking only for myself, I would be traumatised if Mother Wilson took my 10 year old self to a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. And whilst I assume she has probably never seen it, she was 20 when the movie came out and I basically don't wish to contemplate the life she lived prior to meeting my Dad in her late twenties.

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