Episode 1079 - Scream 2


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On 10/24/2019 at 9:39 AM, dc20willsave said:

My idea is to do a different gag each Scream review. Back in the Scream review when the gag was "Awards they were nominated/won," I made sure David Arquette's was Former WCW Champion.

Ah. I listened to that one when it was released, but it has been a year so I forgot.


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I re-listened to the first review. Really enjoyed it, @dc20willsave. I would tag Skyler, but I don't know his username.

Observations on both:

I really do not understand Billy's motivation.

Stu is just a freak. There are people in this world who are just evil.

But Billy? He was angry that his mom left, and took his anger out on Mrs. Prescott. OK, that I get. I do not agree, obviously, and it was an evil act, but I see where the character is coming from. But I do not understand his motivation for killing all of the other people. Same thing in the second movie. I understand Billy's mom is angry at Sidney for killing her son, but why kill all of the other people?

Poor motivation by Billy's mom, by the way. Your son killed a bunch of people, and Sidney killed him in self-defense. It's not like she's a vigilante. Getting revenge on a vigilante would be reasonable: Maybe there would be factors to save Billy from execution and it would at least be years or decades before he was executed. But Sidney took the law into her own hands.

That's not what happened. Killing Billy was pure self defense - not only of her own life, but saving the lives of four other people. And you are angry about that? Really?

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Best I can say? Billy was a sociopath. Everything was an excuse to kill people really. The entire plan was to be the last one standing, including Stu.

Mrs. Loomis? She wanted Sid to suffer so why not grab someone to do most of your busywork who has just wants to kill people. She likely is mentally ill like her son and like she says, "You took my son away." Sidney points out the contradictions to her but her response is continuing to try to kill Sid. She wants suffering. If just revenge had been the motive, yes, she could have killed Sid at nearly anytime by shooting her in the head. Horror movie villains rarely come to a logical conclusion on what they want.

People spend years trying to understand why serial killers do what they do. Slasher films are at their core about people with extreme personalities killing people for nebulous reasons. Are the motives shit? Yeah but so were Dahmer's, Gacy's, or Bundy's. We are people who have rational minds and trying to apply our own rationality to psychopaths and sociopaths is folly at best. Most horror films where revenge is the goal, the killer would likely have kept going on long after their target is dead because it's obvious they like to kill people; revenge is just an excuse.

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