Episode 1094 - Star Wars #1-6 (1977)


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I only got around to listening to this today.

First off, How DARE you continue to call me out over watching The Holiday Special! It's not like I have voodoo dolls of both of you set-up in front of a TV where I leave The Holiday Special playing sometimes while I'm at work or out of the house for a few hours. Mostly kidding there.

So, something that came to mind when listening to the episode was about the Luke and Biggs at Toshi Station scene. I remember that for the longest time, the internet was convinced that the scene has been present when Start Wars was first broadcast in the early 80s on Television. People had vivid memories of the scene, could describe it, and it lined up perfectly. While this sounds weird, it is a common practice for a movie to either take out scenes to fill the broadcast time or add deleted scenes in if they don't have enough to fill a timeslot. This was accepted as reality until around I think it was the Special Edition when someone actually dug up a VHS copy of the Broadcast and, sure enough, it wasn't there. Turns out, it was a combination of kids having read Star Wars #1 and a Star Wars Story Book that had stills from the movie and then remembering it a certain way when they talking to a bunch of strangers on a Usenet. The Mandela Effect in action, y'all.

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