DOA: Dead or Alive

James D.

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So, I'm purusing the Anime Weekend Atlanta messageboard and someone posts a link to a trailer for the Dead or Alive movie adaptation titled DOA: Dead or Alive. This is coming out next year and I didn't even know. Devon Aoki (who we all know as Miho in Sin City) is playing Kasumi. But more interestingly, I scroll down the cast list at and whose name do I see?

Kevin Nash.

He's playing Bass.

Oh, and based on the TRAILER, it looks like the movie will be complete shit.

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I'm not too familiar with the DOA series.  Is this good casting?

Well, the DOA series was never huge on gameplay (in my opinion) anyway. It always seemed to concentrate more on the tits and ass instead of trying to be a legitimately good fighting game. Anyone remember that horrific commercial?

"And...she kicks high. Hur hur hur!!"

Therefore, I can't complain about the casting, really, since the game never took itself seriously to begin with. Devon Aoki as Kasumi is pretty good casting, I would imagine, though. I just can't believe Kevin Nash is playing Bass. It's just...weird to me for some reason.

The movie will suck ass, though. That much I know.

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Did this go straight to DVD? I just saw a commercial advertising its DVD release, but I can't say I ever heard of it being at the theater.

I've been wondering this for months. I never once saw it at any theatres. I'll rent it, though, because I need to watch it for the morbid comedy value.

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