Episode 1106 - Scream 3


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It's Halloween time, which means Skyler and Will are back to talk about Scream 3. Join us for a discussion of the glory of Parker Posey, Among Us, Courtney Cox's bangs, some Transformers talk, why the killer might be a quantum singularity, and more tangents because anything has to be better than this movie. TW: There is a discussion of the casting couch and sexual violence from 2:21:24-2:25:52. [ 3:22:45 || 99.2 MB ]


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  • Missy changed the title to Episode 1106 - Scream 3

Will is totally right about the gas leak smell. It's almost like people who make movies have no idea how stuff works in the real world. Are the people who write these things really that sheltered?

@dc20willsave and Skyler are also right about the magic voice box. I would have no problem with it at all in a science fiction environment (the T-1000 did it) but if you are going to set a movie in the "real world" then you need to base your gadgets in what is possible at the time.

I thought the discussion of Maureen Prescott's past was needlessly exploitative and and unnecessary retcon of previous movies. It certainly could have been handled with more sensitivity. Others' mileage may vary.

I re-watched the Scream movies thanks to this series of reviews. One thing I always liked about this series is that the killers are not unstoppable forces of nature... they can be hurt and stunned. The problem is that there should be more physical signs of the hits they took while fighting with whoever they were trying to kill. "Hey dude, how did you get that black eye and cut lip?"

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