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The final week of 1997 shows why Faarooq's grip on The Nation of Domination is weakening thanks to The Rock (and his own questionable management). Meanwhile, mystery boxes abound, and Owen Hart tries to get his revenge on D-Generation X! [ 2:06:02 || 60.6 MB ]


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  • Missy changed the title to Week 52

Bit of a disservice to not mention Terry’s journey from RR time to this point as Chainsaw Charlie.  

Especially when it’s chronicled on Beyond The Mat.

Essentially, Terry went back to ECW.  Headlined their first PPV, Barely Legal on April 13th and won the title.  He holds it until August, dropping it to Sabu, then has yet another ECW swan song at Hardcore Heaven, when Shane Douglas won a triple threat with Funk and Sabu.  

Which led to the ECW promoted Terry Funk’s Wrestlefest on September 11th, that was promised to be Funk’s retirement match, against WWF Champion Bret Hart!

Mankind, yes despite the fact that Mick wrestled in ECW exclusively as Cactus Jack and “Mankind” is a WWF creation, also wrestled, defeating Sabu by DQ.

Honestly, I wonder if “being another character” was Terry’s was of reconciling such a quick turnaround from a retirement.  That it wasn’t “Terry Funk” helping Cactus out against The Outlaws.  Eh, who knows. 


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