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Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1: sadly, not very good.

Fantastic Four The Prodigal Sun #1: this is intriguing.

Ignited #2: I'm not feeling this.

No One Left to Fight #1: this is not for me. I don't know who it's for. Definitely not me.

Old Man Quill #7: the twist I sort of feared came, but this is still a great series. The best little chunk of the MCU that exists right now is set in the future.

Savage Avengers #3: Kulan Gath removed Conan's heart, but it's cool because the escaped Venom symbiote entered the wound and we have Conan fighting with a symbiote sword. I don't know what else to say to get you to read this. It's fucking nuts! I love it. Also, Conan picks up an unconscious Wolverine whose claws are extended, swinging him around as a weapon. Saying something like "little warrior, if you wake up you must tell me where you got these blades!"

Space Bandits #1: definitely not for me.

Stitched: Terror #2: so this is basically a trashy, lurid remake of the Blind Dead Films and I fucking dig it.

Superman Up In The Sky #1: this is pretty decent. I'll give it another issue.

Test #1: this is not for me. I really like the art though.

The Punisher #13: still so damned good. What an ending!

Thumbs #2: not for me.

Uncanny X-Men #21: Kudos to Matthew Rosenberg for rocking two killer arcs on X-Men and Punisher at the same time.

Batman Universe #1: this was pretty good. I'll check out more.

Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #1: ok, this was pretty fucking great.

Giant-Size X-Statix #1: Fuck, I can't wait for X-Cellent.

Fallen World #3: This continues to be good. The best Rai related thing at Valiant (new Valiant) that I've read yet. 

Invisible Woman #1: this is not quite what I was hoping for, but I'll give it one more.

Lois Lane #1: ok, I'm in.

Reaver #1: I'll give it one more.

Road of Bones #3: kind of a ho-hum issue.

Stitched Terror #3: wild ending. Good stuff.

Unearth #1: this reminded me so much of the stupid biologists from PROMETHEUS that it bugged me. I'll give it one more.

Vampirella #0: decent establishing story and a classic by Busiek and Art Adams.

War of the Realms Omega #1: I forgot there was one more. These are just lead-in stories for the stories spinning out of WOTR. It's bookended by a Heimdall/Daredevil story. Easily the best part of a great crossover is those two guys. I liked a slice of everything I got here.

Wolverine/Captain America Weapon Plus #1: ok, I can honestly say I never thought I'd read a comic where Wolverine and Captain America violently fight the cyborg bear from Brute Force.

Wolverine vs Blade #1: this is rough. Just a showcase for some painted art that has poor storytelling.

Daredevil #8: so good.

Jimmy Olsen #1: not my cup of tea.

Loki #1: I might give this one more.

Punisher Annual #1: this is one of the wildest Punisher stories in years. Since Frankencastle I guess. Punisher sneaks onto a rocket pre-launch. Somehow so does J Jonah Jameson. Just as the astronauts (who are actually Russian Special Ops guys) threaten to kill their JJJ stowaway, Punisher pushes him out of the way and kills the dudes. But he pushes JJJ onto the control panel and the launch begins. Yes...I know. So The Punisher and J Jonah Jameson launch into space and take on The Brood. It's nuts. Weird scene: Punisher says something like "What's out there?". JJJ is like "Moon's haunted? I don't know. My son went into space and came back as werewolf. Don't ask me!" Fucking crazy.

Resonant #1: interesting. I'll read more.

Superior Spider-Man #9: the bulk of this issue is a conversation between Otto and Peter. It's amazing. Great issue.

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #5: Fuck, this series is so MASSIVE. 

Uncanny X-Men #22: Wow. Well done, Rosenberg. Good sendoff.

Vampirella #1: this is on the brink. It gets one more issue.

X-Force #10: holy shit. Great ending. Quick question: how long has it been a thing where Rachel Summers is Mother Askani?

Fearless #1: a Marvel anthology featuring all female creative teams tackling female heroes. Looks like Sue Storm and Storm's stories are continuing. The Millie the Model one was awful, but I'm fully aware I'm not the target audience. I'll read more of this for sure.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7: fucking GREAT.

Marvel Team-up #1-4: Defenders Dialogue are doing MTU and Marvel Two In One so I'm reading along. Two In One is definitely the better of the two series thus far. I'm reading that in Epic Collection form.

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House of X #1: Fuck this was good. I'm a Magneto Mark and boy am I excited about where this goes.

Justice League Dark #13: great.

Justice League Dark Annual #1: Even the annuals for this series are fucking great. Goddamn. So good.

Marvels Epilogue #1: man, this is easily the best read of the whole series. And It's great seeing Ross paint the X-Men.

Monster World The Golden Age #1: this came out of fucking nowhere! Holy shit! It's cool.

Psi-Lords #2: Ok, I'm out.

Star Pig #1: oof...no thank you.

Thanos #4: ok, here's the thing: Magus doesn't do it for me as a villain. There, I said it. But he's good in this issue, so whatever.

Valkyrie Jane Foster #1: this was great.

Web of Venom Funeral Pyre #1: ok, I've never read a story featuring this Mania character. But this was good. It was genuinely surprising when the thing happened at the end. Again, I've never heard of this character before.

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