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Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1: sadly, not very good.

Fantastic Four The Prodigal Sun #1: this is intriguing.

Ignited #2: I'm not feeling this.

No One Left to Fight #1: this is not for me. I don't know who it's for. Definitely not me.

Old Man Quill #7: the twist I sort of feared came, but this is still a great series. The best little chunk of the MCU that exists right now is set in the future.

Savage Avengers #3: Kulan Gath removed Conan's heart, but it's cool because the escaped Venom symbiote entered the wound and we have Conan fighting with a symbiote sword. I don't know what else to say to get you to read this. It's fucking nuts! I love it. Also, Conan picks up an unconscious Wolverine whose claws are extended, swinging him around as a weapon. Saying something like "little warrior, if you wake up you must tell me where you got these blades!"

Space Bandits #1: definitely not for me.

Stitched: Terror #2: so this is basically a trashy, lurid remake of the Blind Dead Films and I fucking dig it.

Superman Up In The Sky #1: this is pretty decent. I'll give it another issue.

Test #1: this is not for me. I really like the art though.

The Punisher #13: still so damned good. What an ending!

Thumbs #2: not for me.

Uncanny X-Men #21: Kudos to Matthew Rosenberg for rocking two killer arcs on X-Men and Punisher at the same time.

Batman Universe #1: this was pretty good. I'll check out more.

Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #1: ok, this was pretty fucking great.

Giant-Size X-Statix #1: Fuck, I can't wait for X-Cellent.

Fallen World #3: This continues to be good. The best Rai related thing at Valiant (new Valiant) that I've read yet. 

Invisible Woman #1: this is not quite what I was hoping for, but I'll give it one more.

Lois Lane #1: ok, I'm in.

Reaver #1: I'll give it one more.

Road of Bones #3: kind of a ho-hum issue.

Stitched Terror #3: wild ending. Good stuff.

Unearth #1: this reminded me so much of the stupid biologists from PROMETHEUS that it bugged me. I'll give it one more.

Vampirella #0: decent establishing story and a classic by Busiek and Art Adams.

War of the Realms Omega #1: I forgot there was one more. These are just lead-in stories for the stories spinning out of WOTR. It's bookended by a Heimdall/Daredevil story. Easily the best part of a great crossover is those two guys. I liked a slice of everything I got here.

Wolverine/Captain America Weapon Plus #1: ok, I can honestly say I never thought I'd read a comic where Wolverine and Captain America violently fight the cyborg bear from Brute Force.

Wolverine vs Blade #1: this is rough. Just a showcase for some painted art that has poor storytelling.

Daredevil #8: so good.

Jimmy Olsen #1: not my cup of tea.

Loki #1: I might give this one more.

Punisher Annual #1: this is one of the wildest Punisher stories in years. Since Frankencastle I guess. Punisher sneaks onto a rocket pre-launch. Somehow so does J Jonah Jameson. Just as the astronauts (who are actually Russian Special Ops guys) threaten to kill their JJJ stowaway, Punisher pushes him out of the way and kills the dudes. But he pushes JJJ onto the control panel and the launch begins. Yes...I know. So The Punisher and J Jonah Jameson launch into space and take on The Brood. It's nuts. Weird scene: Punisher says something like "What's out there?". JJJ is like "Moon's haunted? I don't know. My son went into space and came back as werewolf. Don't ask me!" Fucking crazy.

Resonant #1: interesting. I'll read more.

Superior Spider-Man #9: the bulk of this issue is a conversation between Otto and Peter. It's amazing. Great issue.

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #5: Fuck, this series is so MASSIVE. 

Uncanny X-Men #22: Wow. Well done, Rosenberg. Good sendoff.

Vampirella #1: this is on the brink. It gets one more issue.

X-Force #10: holy shit. Great ending. Quick question: how long has it been a thing where Rachel Summers is Mother Askani?

Fearless #1: a Marvel anthology featuring all female creative teams tackling female heroes. Looks like Sue Storm and Storm's stories are continuing. The Millie the Model one was awful, but I'm fully aware I'm not the target audience. I'll read more of this for sure.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7: fucking GREAT.

Marvel Team-up #1-4: Defenders Dialogue are doing MTU and Marvel Two In One so I'm reading along. Two In One is definitely the better of the two series thus far. I'm reading that in Epic Collection form.

  • Issues: 43
  • Trades: 0
  • Omnibus: 0
  • Graphic Novel: 0
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House of X #1: Fuck this was good. I'm a Magneto Mark and boy am I excited about where this goes.

Justice League Dark #13: great.

Justice League Dark Annual #1: Even the annuals for this series are fucking great. Goddamn. So good.

Marvels Epilogue #1: man, this is easily the best read of the whole series. And It's great seeing Ross paint the X-Men.

Monster World The Golden Age #1: this came out of fucking nowhere! Holy shit! It's cool.

Psi-Lords #2: Ok, I'm out.

Star Pig #1: oof...no thank you.

Thanos #4: ok, here's the thing: Magus doesn't do it for me as a villain. There, I said it. But he's good in this issue, so whatever.

Valkyrie Jane Foster #1: this was great.

Web of Venom Funeral Pyre #1: ok, I've never read a story featuring this Mania character. But this was good. It was genuinely surprising when the thing happened at the end. Again, I've never heard of this character before.

John Carpenter's Night Terrors: Sour Candy: review forthcoming

Batman Last Knight on Earth #2: this is weird and kind of fun. On the other hand, I feel like it kind of sucks overall. Haha! Oh well..

Captain America #12: this is soooooo slow

Shadow Show: an anthology graphic novel in tribute to Ray Bradbury. A mixed bag, but good overall.

Conan the Barbarian #8: god,, this series is so fucking good.

Crow/Hack Slash #2: ok, I'm out. Maybe I'll read the rest if there's another HS omnibus.

Death's Head #1: wow, this sucked.

Ice Cream Man #13: easily one of the best horror series of the past few years. This issue is a palindrome. You can read it front to back or back to front (going right to left) and it's the same story. Holy fuck. What a logistical nightmare! Makes the Rorshach panel layouts in that issue of Watchmen look bush league.

Killers #1: ok, this is pretty wild.

Marshal Law The Definitive Edition: basically the Marshal Law omnibus. It's definitely too much to read so frequently, but I get it.

Manor Black #1: I read this like two hours ago and I've completely forgotten it. Bad sign.

Marvel Comics Presents #7: This was the roughest issue of the entire run. even the Wolverine story was not great. A complete dud.

Powers of X #1: I'll be straight up. I did not like this in the slightest.

  • Issues: 63
  • Trades: 0
  • Omnibus: 1
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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Marvel Team-up #5-12: man, some of these are rough. But I love Ross Andru's Spider-Man.

Punk Mambo #4: still great

The Cape: Fallen #4: man, this is some dark shit.

Agents of Atlas #1: no. This isn't AoA. This is Champions or whatever. Lame.

Babyteeth #15: such a great series.

Berserker Unbound #1: far from a new idea, but fun as fuck.

Coffin Bound #1: ok, this is weird. I'll do another.

Daredevil #9: so good.

Dead Man Logan #10: still such a great series.

Age of Conan Valeria #1: nahhhh

Death-Defyin' Devil #1: oh, I love this.

Fallen World #4: so that's it, huh? Ugh...

Future Foundation #1: man, this had a couple decent moments, but I'm not the audience for it.

Invisible Woman #2: ok, two things I find weird: 1) retro-fitting Sue Storm as a freelance agent of SHIELD is fine I guess, but 2) she has to be one of the most powerful humans/mutants in the Marvel Universe. She doesn't need help or to break a sweat doing this stuff. Still, I'm kinda digging it.

Lois Lane #2: this is really good.

Old Man Quill #8: still digging this too.

Omni #1: just another comic book sci fi I can't get into.

Savage Avengers #4: holy shit, this series is so great.

  • Issues: 88
  • Trades: 0
  • Omnibus: 1
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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Marvel Two-In-One Presents The Thing Epic Collection Cry Monster: Was reading this slowly along with the Defender's Dialogue podcast, but now that it's over, I powered through the rest. You can't beat 80s Marvel books written by Steve Gerber and Bill Mantlo and drawn by Sal Buscema and Ron Wilson. This ends right before my favourite storyline (Liberty Legion), but I have the hardcover of that anyway. Good stuff.

JLA/Avengers #1-4: this was at the top of my rereading list for obvious reasons. It was back before Perez was sick too. I finally got around to it. There's like three pages in here that are contenders for best comics pages ever for me. The whole thing is just a ruse to get Perez to draw every fucking character in both comics universes and all their different costumes. It's a pure delight. This is up there on all-time great miniseries. 

Sinestro Year of the Villain #1: This was pretty ho-hum, but MAN am I a mark for Sinestro's original costume? Yes, yes I am. 

Superman Up In the Sky #2: I'm out. It's fine; it's just not exciting for me.

The Island of Dr. Moreau #1: this is IDW's adaptation and I wasn't into it until the end. The art is great though, and I'll give issue 2 a try.

The Punisher #14: still so fucking good. Rosenberg is the definitive Punisher writer now. He has to be.

Bad Reception #1: not my bag.

Batman Universe #2: ok, this is really fun. This is the best Bendis in ages.

Batman/Superman #1: I hated the Death Metal thing, but this seems like kind of a cool start.

Black Hammer/Justice League Hammer of Justice #2: this has one more issue to keep me interested.

Black Mask Year of the Villain #1: not bad. I'm not exactly sure what happened at the end of the book, so maybe it wasn't as successful.

Captain America #13: this is the run getting going. I am digging this now. Almost gave yup in the first arc. It was awful.

Conan The Barbarian: Exodus #1: Esad Ribic's artwork is delightful. His story is not.

Daredevil #10: still so fucking good. Best DD arc since Waid/Samnee.

Doctor Mirage #1: not bad. I'll give it another.

Fantastic Four: 4 Yancy Street #1: a delightful Grimm-focused one shot. Really good.

Fearless #2: ok, this was pretty solid. I don't really enjoy the Ms. Marvel character, but I enjoy her addition to the core story.

Glory Days #1: not for me

Guardians of the Galaxy #8: this is really good. digging it a lot.

House of X #2: weird. How long has this Moira X thing been going on?

Loki #2: sold on this series now.

Marvel Comics Presents #8: the Wolverine story is coming to a cool finale next issue. The Spider-Woman story was ok. The White Fox one was not.

Monster World: The Golden Age #2: This is stupid fun. Right up my alley in the way that I'm pissed I didn't have this exact idea.

Power Pack: Grow Up! #1: Not good. There's also not as lot for younger kids to get into I don't think. It's just a real bland story. I think back to Fantastic Four Adventures and how fun and smart and funny they were and I decry the modern era of superhero comics directed toward children. I really think that almost all of the big publishers could do a shit-ton more to make comic books that little kids will like. But this ain't it. Rant over, I guess. Haha! 

Powers of X #2, 3: Man, I really don't think I'm getting into this and am either wondering where I should skip forward to, or if I should just drop the idea of following X-Men comics period.

Punisher Kill Krew #1: This is so awesome. Frankencastle fun with a real heart. This spins out of War of the Realms where Punisher takes it on himself to avenge a network of survivors from the War of the Realms event. Kudos to Marvel for not just like "moving on" after thousands upon thousands of people in cities across the world were murdered by Norse mythological beings. Thousands of people in New York alone for sure. This is a brilliant way to use the Punisher in the MU with crossovers. They very often do him dirty that way if they involve him at all. He was a great character in the main story of War of the Realms too. But I've been screaming from the treetops about Matthew Rosenberg's Punisher, I gotta give it up to Gerry Duggan's Punisher too. Can't wait to finish this miniseries.

Punk Mambo #5: kind of a lacklustre end to a  miniseries I mostly enjoyed. It fizzled for me, I guess. How they failed to make a "Mambo No. 5" joke in this issue is fucking so beyond me, man.

Reaver #2:ok, I'm in. This is my kind of fantasy. It isn't even that grim-dark. Haha!

Road of Bones #4: kind of a ho-hum ending.

Second Coming #1, 2: God sends Jesus back down to hang out with a  superhero to help him learn to be better or whatever. I don't know. This feels like something Garth Ennis would do, but it has none of the bite.

Silver Surfer: The Prodigal Son #1: This was really fun. Time to see if I cannot the other tie-in issues  in order.

Strayed #1: Hey! Look at that! A sci fi comic I enjoy. In this, a woman creates a way to communicate with her cat and the cat having the superpower to travel through space  and times the stuff written on the inside of the cover. This gets right to it, and it's fucking wonderful, and if someone gave me 75 million to make a sci fi movie, it would be this, and I just read the first issue. 

  • Issues: 120
  • Trades: 0
  • Omnibus: 2
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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Stronghold #5: this somehow turned into one of my favourite cosmic horror comics. Wild.

Superior Spider-Man #10: this series turned out to be so kickass. Great villain redemption arc throughout. Fantastic.

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #6: A comic miniseries is definitely similar to a pulp novel in length and pacing. This mini is more like an epic novel in that aspect. There's so much story in 6 issues here that it's almost exhausting. Some turns I wouldn't have done, but I enjoyed it overall.

The Watcher #1: No thanks.

The White Trees #1: This is an interesting little fantasy mini. I think there's only two issues, so I'll definitely finish it.

Unearth #2: not my bag. I'm out.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #2: excellent. I'm down for more.

Vampirella #2: This was pretty good.

House of X #3: This was better than earlier issues.

Ice Cream Man #14: damn. Going to have to turf a WIP after this one.

Justice League Dark #14: right out of the Lords of Order and right into the Witching War. It never relents! I love this series. 

Killers #2: really good. I didn't think we'd see all the Ninjas but it looks like they're trotting them all out. The living ones anyway.

Rising Stars #1-9: I tried to reread this series, but I absolutely cannot. Obtusely written, art like IMage-lite and completely derivative. Even by the standards of the time.

Mall #1: 80s gang warfare set in a mall. Ok first issue. I'll do one more.

Marvel Monsters #1: not good.

Necromancer's Map #1: not for me

Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica #3,4: this is still fun.

Resonant #2: its ok, but it isn't grabbing me. 

She-Hulk Annual #1:this was fine

Thanos #5: i have been really surprised by how much i enjoy this miniseries.

Tommy Gun Wizards #1: ok, this is kind of cool.

Alpha Flight True North #1: lovely little anthology series based around the most underrated hero team of all time.

Thor #15, 16: great stuff

Babyteeth #16: not sure where to go with this

Batman Universe #3: Not the hugest fan of Bendis' Batman voice, but the art is definitely ripping off Michael Allred and that's cool.

Batman vs R'as al Ghul #1: "Written and drawn by Neal Adams" on anything post 1980s should have been the first clue. Yikes.

Berserker Unbound #2: fun.

Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #3: This was kind of fun.

Coffin Bound #2: nah....

Conan the Barbarian #9: Still so good.

Daredevil #11: fucking excellent.

Death-Defying Devil #2: this is turning out really interesting. Kind of a swerve from issue one, but I enjoyed it.

Doomsday Clock #11: Say what you will, this is one of the boldest and weirdest event miniseries that DC has ever done.

  • Issues: 163
  • Trades: 0
  • Omnibus: 2
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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The Sensational She-Hulk by John Byrne Omnibus: Byrne's She' Hulk run is definitely ahead of its time with its reliance on breaking the fourth wall, constantly. It gets a little frustrating, but often it's fun. Lots of cheesecake here, but also it's quite clear that Byrne was getting design choices from actual fashion magazines. Of course, the weird part is he did issues 1-8 and then returned in issue 31. I think he was doing Namor at the time too which probably was a lot.

Namor, The Sub-Mariner Epic Collection Enter the Sub-Mariner: this collects all of Namor's Silver Age appearances in order which is pretty fun to read those. Issues of FF, Avengers, and Daredevil get their play. Then, it's topped off by the first run of Colan in Strange Tales. He's credited here as Adam Austin because (if I remember correctly) they poached him from DC when he was still under contract. It's the perfect made-up Stan Lee name.

Everything #1: I'm intrigued.

Gotham City Monsters #1: ok, I'll give it another.

Guardians of the Galaxy Prodigal Son #1: this was ok.

House of X #4:I loved this. The two miniseries are really weird to take in. Sometimes it's almost incomprehensibly condensed and at other times it's got some great moments. Lots of this issue was great moments.

Invisible Woman #3: Again: I like that this character is finally getting some solo love, but I'm kind of dumbfounded by the depowering the creative team has done. 

She-Hulk #47, 51-60:The last buffer issue and the finale of the series. Not great.

The Savage Dragon #260-1: it's interesting the way these characters are sort of being moved around. There's a lot of information to get out in an issue of this series because it basically encompasses a month on average.

King Thor #1: I fuck with this

Legion of Super-heroes Millennium #1: if this was anymore than two issues, I wouldn't be giving a second issue a try.

Birthright Vol 10. Epilogue: Goddamn. What a beautiful series. How rare for something so good to be able to ride out its whole story, telling one massive epic and original fantasy story. It's consistent throughout, and the art is fantastic. I teared up a couple times during the final issue.

The Complete Kirby War & Romance: this is a weird omnibus hardcover from Marvel collecting all the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby War and Romance comics from the Silver Age. I have to say, these romance stories don't have the electricity or dynamism of the ones that Kirby and Simon did in the fifties. They're bland, reaching back to those 50s stories and trying to make them more "hip" but they're just poor. When the page count jumps from 5 to 8 for each story, the quality doesn't improve, it just gets more melodramatic. The war stories, on the other hand, are for the most part very good. Many are taken from Kirby's actual experiences during the war (I notice he never told the one that was the fucking coolest but it's probably a little too hardcore for Silver Age readers). There's another that's like "the history of the submarine" which is only interesting because it's a manual drawn by Kirby. Weird. This also has all the Lee/Kirby Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos work, so it's worth it just for that too.

The Avengers Epic Collection Judgement Day: the best Avengers storyline of all time is Under Siege. This picks up right after that. Great longterm storytelling by the great Roger Stern, and I'll be damned if Tom Palmers finishes over John Buscema's breakdowns isn't the best fucking art ever. This also has the Avengers vs X-Men miniseries with very early Marc Silvestri art (prior to Uncanny X-Men) and that Emperor Doom graphic novel which I remember being better than it is.

  • Issues: 183
  • Trades: 1
  • Omnibus: 6
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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History of the Marvel Universe: this is an attempt to do a modern History of the Dc Universe. Mark Waid is a good guy ton capture the kind of feel they're going for here. The realignment of the timeline by creating the fake War of Siancong to make a sliding index timeline going forward is something I've written about on Twitter, but it really is brilliant. That said, once it hits issue three, it gets a little boring with the age of the heroes. Then later on it just jumps from event to event. But the story between Franklin Richards and GHlaactus is interesting as it has a lot of compelling similarities to my overarching universe. I just happened to read this while beginning a bible of sorts for my own mythos which is sort of a Jack Kirby meets Clive barker kind of thing. Perfect time to read this.

X-Men Fatal Attractions Book One: I remember this storyline more as something with the X-Men versus the Acolytes but that's a tiny part of it. There's the Legacy Virus and Illyana and the Upstarts and Colossus's slow descent into joining Magneto. There's just a  lot included here. I don't know why we needed five issues of X-Factor to establish that they're not actually part of this storyline. Anyway, I'll give it a little while before tackling book two.

Lois Lane #3: this is ok

Loki #3:again, this is ok.

Midnight Vista #1: this was excellent. I am down.

Moon knight Annual 1: so this is an instalment in Acts of Evil which is an Acts of Vengeance rehash. Moon Knights across time versus Kang. Kind of fun.

Old Man Quill #9: still great

Pandemica #1: not for me.

Powers of X #4: this was good.

Punisher Kill Krew #2: fuck this was fantastic. Ferreyra's art is brilliant.

Reaver #3: I'm done with this one.

  • Issues: 192
  • Trades: 2
  • Omnibus: 7
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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Riddler Year of the Villain #1: Is King Tut in the canon DCU? I wasn't aware. This was kind of fun.

Savage Avengers #5: this series is so fucking good.

Something is Killing the Children #1: hell of a first issue

The Punisher #15: fuck. so good. Rosenberg, man.

Triage #1: not my thing

Vampirella-Red Sonja #1: this is a fun setup.

Web of Black Widow #1: now this is more like it. This is great!

Black Hammer Age of Doom #12: this series was about 6 issues too long.

Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #1: this is pretty dicey, but I dig "random character" mashup series, so I'll read a little more.

Dead Man Logan #11: oh man. This is going to end extremely well methinks. Great ride so far.

Flash Forward #1: no thanks.

G. I. Joe #1: So I think this is a near-future thing, but definitely an Elseworlds thing. It's a fun first issue. 

Guardians of the Galaxy #9: this is some wild shit. I love it.

Hellboy and the BPRD Saturn Returns #s 1,2: This is really cool. More the Hellboy storyline. Not so into the Liz one.

House of X #5: this is fully weird. Not great. Just weird. It's interesting.

Inferior Five #1: This is fucking wild. Keith Giffen and Jeff Lemire.In no way is this what you suspect.

Killers #3: yeah, this is really solid.

Lex Luthor Year of the Villain #1: this is a little exhausting.This type of story. It's overused in comics.

Monster World-The Golden Age #3: still really weird and good.

Second Coming #3: I'm done with this.

Spider-Man #1: the series that JJ Abrams and his son wrote, and all I have to say is WTF? No thanks.

Strayed #2: and I'm out.

The Black Ghost #1: Don't like this art.

Valkyrie- Jane Foster #3: still good.

Vampirella #3: lots of Vampirella comics out there. This run isn't very good. I'm out.

You Are Obsolete #1: not enough interest for me to continue. Do not dig the art.

Batman/Superman #2: this is pretty cool thus far.

Captain America #14: This one was a dud.

Fearless #3:as always, the main story is really great and the backups are not.

Justice League Dark #15: still excellent.

Mall #2: This doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. Don't end a first issue on a cliffhanger showing the premise of the whole book and then follow it up with some boring-ass office shit. Ugh. Wasted potential.

Marvel Comics Presents #9: Hey, Wolverine has been the lead story in this whole series but we need more pages to finish the story so there's only room for one more story, so who should it be for? Wolverine again? Great idea.

New Mutants: War Children #1:Claremont and Sienkiewicz reread for this one shot. Not great. Art is fantastic.Obviously.

Powers of X #5: this is my favourite issue of this series. Maybe even the whole event. The future stuff is boring and lame to me. This is the shit I want.

Punisher Kill Crew #3: Holy fuck. You've got to be kidding me. Last issue,


Punisher rescued and drafted Foggy Nelson to join his war against monsters from the War of the Realms. This issue, they did the same for Juggernaut.

This is the best road-trip comic book ever. Especially since it's Thor's goat that's pulling Punisher's van through space and shit. This is Frankencastle levels of fun and craziness.

Queen of Bad Dreams #4: nope

SFSX #1: Great first issue. I'm intrigued.

Strikeforce #1: This one was a little clunky, but this group of characters will have me coming back for more.

Superior Spider-Man #11: still so good. I'm even gonna go back and read the Slott stuff after I finish the next issue.

Thanos #6: Decent ending. The whole series was kind of a big nothing though.

The Plot #1: Holy shit, this is good. Even though it's pretty close to a novel WIP I've got, I still enjoy it.

The White Trees #2: Great little two issue story.

Tommy Gun Wizards #2: still kind of cool.

Wolverine Annual 1: this is another Acts of Evil thing which is a pale comparison to Acts of Vengeance. This has Logan vs Morgana Le Fay in 1938 Hollywood. Not as good as that premise sounds.

Berserker Unbound #3: shit is happening now.

Bizarre Adventures #1: This was fun.

Black Terror #1: This was awful.

Daredevil #12: Fucking amazing Kingpin issue.

  • Issues: 240
  • Trades: 2
  • Omnibus: 7
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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Everything #2: This series is hanging on a thread for me

Grendel Devil's Odyssey #1: I'm not vibing with this. 

House of X #6: This was the best issue of this event so far.

Legion of Super-Heroes Millennium #2: this was awful.

Lois Lane #4: the best issue of this series so far.

Murder Falcon #7: kind of beautiful.

Old Man Quill #10: still good

Savage Avengers #6: this series fucking rules.

  • Issues: 248
  • Trades: 2
  • Omnibus: 7
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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Six-month check-in.

Chris Claremont X-Men Books
- Giant-Size X-Men #1
- X-Men / Uncanny X-Men #94-161
- X-Men Annual #3-5
- Classic X-Men #1-44
- Phoenix: The Untold Story
- Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans
- Iron Fist #14-15
- Marvel Team-Up #69-70, 89, 100
- Spider-Woman #37-38
- Avengers Annual #10
- Marvel Fanfare #1

My big reading project of the year was set to be finally digging into Chris Claremont’s X-Men run (and related issues), which what you see here. I took a breather after a month or so, because it was the only comic I was focused on and needed to step back for fear of overwhelming myself with too much X-Men.

These aren’t always the best, but where Claremont is on fire, it is the best. The character work is groundbreaking, and it’s fascinating to see where some of the longer-running X-Men stories began. For instance, Jean and Logan is not a thing. At all. Yeah, he’s into her and gets super creepy at the start, but Jean absolutely puts Logan in his place and he backs the fuck off. Further, his so-called feud with Scott, at least at this point, is not a thing at all. It took a while, but Logan has come to accept Scott as the leader and as a friend.

Everything with Piotr is just the best.

Fantastic Four Books
- Fantastic Four #30-175
- Fantastic Four Annual #2-6, 11
- Giant-Size Super-Stars / Fantastic Four #1-4
- Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure
- Avengers #127
- Marvel Two-in-One #20
- Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1

Summing up the bulk of the Lee / Kirby run, as well as those that came after in a forum post wouldn’t do anything justice, but this book hit an amazing run from the mid-30s to 70s. Like, absolutely epic comics. We also get Sue and Reed’s marriage, the birth of Franklin, their near divorce, my insistence Sue absolutely went to town on Namor’s cock while she and Reed were separated. We also see the formation and ending of Johnny and Crystal, as well the her marriage to Quicksilver, the introduction of Black Panther, some epic Doctor Doom stories, Galactus, and JFC this is just as goo as everyone says.

Ric Grayson Books
- Batman #54-55, 99-100
- Nightwing #50-77
- Nightwing Annual #2-3
- Batman: Pennyworth RIP
- Red Hood: Outlaw #48

UGH! What started out weak slowly crept into “okay” territory, but ended with Dick regaining his memories via a magic crystal and the power of love. No. Thank. You.

Defenders Books
- Marvel Feature #1-3
- The Defenders #1-3

Felt like finally trying to get into this not-a-team comic, and it’s fine but not for me. It doesn’t have a voice at this point.

Shadow War Books
- Shadow War: Alpha
- Batman #122-123
- Deathstroke Inc. #8-9
- Robin #13-14
- Shadow War Zone
- Shadow War: Omega

Deathstroke is framed for the murder of Ra’s al Ghul, triggering a war between global assassins. It’s actually fun.

Martian Manhunter Solo Stories
- Batman #78 (1940)
- Detective Comics #225-236

I’m a long time J’onn J’onzz fan, so I thought I’d take a look at his solo stories in chronological order. After a year of stories, there’s no solid ground underneath the character. No recurring characters of note, no consistent use of his powers or type of story. They are all over the place here.

Amazing Spider-Man #84: This was probably part of the Beyond storyline, which was fine for a little while.

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #1-4 (2022): Simply amazing.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #33: Bruce gets to see what life would be like if the bat never flew through is window. Strong stuff.

DC Pride: Tim Drake Special: A collecting of Tim’s coming out as bi stories and one new tale. Would have liked a bit more, to tell the truth.

Fantastic Four: Life Story #1-2: Not for me, as it skips way too many character moments for bigger beats.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (2019): A strong start to a 14-issue run.

Jonah Hex #6 (2006): More of a Spectre story, IIRC.

Maniac of New York: The Bronx is Burning #1-4: A sequel to the Jason Takes Manhattan tribute, but very hard to read considering the recent school shooting.

Marauders #1-27: Kitty leads a team of ass-kickers. Fun, but lost its way / focus by the end.

Nightwing #88-93 (2016): Every panel is a joy.

Reckoning War: Trial of The Watcher: Makes me want to read the eventual collection.

Rima, the Jungle Girl #1-2: Wanted to try something new. Well, it’s from the 1970s, but new and different to me.

Robin #10-12: These are exceptionally quick reads, and will be meatier in the trades.

Showcase #6: Challengers of the Unknown, baby!

Superman '78 #6: Made with pure love.

Superman #125 (1939): Bonkers.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #6-12: Consistently one of the best books out there.

World's Finest Comics #146-147: Missed my boys.


January to June: 418

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On 6/30/2022 at 8:48 PM, Missy said:


DC Pride: Tim Drake Special: A collecting of Tim’s coming out as bi stories and one new tale. Would have liked a bit more, to tell the truth.


To be honest the recent stories with Tim discovering his sexuality haven't been perfect. Right off the bat, the off-panel break-up with Stephanie comes out of nowhere because the last two times he majorly appeared were in Tynion's Detective Comics run and Brian Michael Bendis' Young Justice, and both were heavy with Tim/Steph shipping. I think the issues where he's dealing with a lot in his head are solid, and the follow-up with Batman is good. But Tim is a very thoroughly written character, who has a lot of deep characterization to take from. I think Fitzmartin is putting her best foot forward, but there's dramatic potential still untapped. For instance Stephanie never had to be any kind of phobic to feel mad at how Tim treated her. Her "No big deal" behavior when meeting Bernard rang untrue.

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Superman Funeral For a Friend: This is the whole omnibus collecting this post-Superman's Dead event. Some of it is pretty heartfelt and they do a pretty good job depicting the kind of mourning that might happen if someone like Superman were to die. I do have a feeling though that perhaps they didn't really know just how long they were supposed to keep this going. I mean, the Return of the Supermen happens right after this, so there must have been some coordinated effort across all these monthly titles and one shots. Some of it just feels very clipped. 

Strange Skies over East Berlin #1: not really my thing.

  • Issues: 249
  • Trades: 2
  • Omnibus: 8
  • Graphic Novel: 2


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