Episode 02 - Pinocchio


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One of Disney's darkest, yet most hopeful films, Pinocchio has charmed, inspired, and traumatized generations of viewers - including Christian Honore and Donovan Morgan Grant. Join the two as they unpack this paradox, from its catchy songs and marvelous animation to its dastardly rogue's gallery (including a strong candidate for the most evil Disney villain of all time) and depictions of cruelty, drugs, and ethnic stereotypes. [ 1:41:41 || 50.4 MB ]


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  • Missy changed the title to Episode 02 - Pinocchio

Btw, a correction from a point I made about consequences for Disney villains: Cruella actually doesn’t get arrested (at least onscreen) by the end of the original film (though she does in the live-action remake and in the original’s direct-to-video sequel). Her Devilmobile is completely wrecked though.

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Hahaha that looks exactly like a "live-action" Pinoccho remake would look like.

Understandably, they're more of that promotional Hunchback of Notre Dame style whimsy being frontloaded, obscuring the innate horror story beneath the surface. Looks like it'll be both boys and girls taken to pleasure island this time.

Tom Hanks looks perfect, although the house looks huge in comparison to the humble original. Jiminy looks...I wish his face were rounder.

I might go out and see this because I went out and saw Aladdin, having loved the original.

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