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Has anyone else watched the UK version of The Traitors?

Normally this isn't my kind of reality TV show, as I don't like backstabbing and mind games in real life. My typical speed is something like Bake Off or Project Runway, where you succeed or fail based on your skills during any particular challenge. But I heard a lot of good things about The Traitors, so I gave it a whirl.

Holy crap is this intense.

Suffice it to say this is a thread where spoilers might be written, so tread lightly if you're interested.

This is exclusively about the UK version. If you want to discuss other flavors, please feel free to open additional threads.

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Legit, if I was in Wilf and Amanda's families, I'd be looking at them a little sideways for a few months.

As much as I enjoyed it, however, you could see the mental health of the players declining. Sometimes rapidly. Once the truth about Alex and Tom came out to the group, Alex was absolutely done with the show. She said as much at one point, but you could just see it. She was was tired and pissed, her entire demeanor changed, she shut herself down during round tables, group discussions, and confessional moments. It also sucked that Tom revealed the truth to the group, yet she received more banishment votes in the very next round table. Alex took the brunt of that bombshell for no definable reason.

Maddy frustrated me to no end. Even though she was right about Wilf, the way she hounded poor Aaron because he had a panic attack was bullshit. Never mind her lack of logic and willingness to jet down any rabbit hole, her treatment of Aaron was beyond gross.

Theo and John surprised me the most. Both of them turned absolutely vile at points. John seemed fine at the start, but any time anyone looked in his direction, he would yell over them yet claim he was the victim. And Theo was willing to dish out accusations, but acted like his best friend spit in his face when his name was said. And hey, I get being sensitive. I so get it, but his brand was melodramatic.

My heart exploded when Andrea revealed she's queer, because TV never ever ever shows elder queers.

Along those lines, bless this show for showing multiple people across the queer spectrum, as well as people of different ages, sizes, and physical abilities. It could have used more racial diversity, though.

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It was so interesting to see English passive aggressiveness ramp up to the nth degree. Some people had zero conflict resolution skills and turned from nice people to shouty faces in the face of questioning. Alternatively, people who were logical/methodical were often seen as suspicious because they didn't fall over backwards to shout that they were "100% faithful".

In that way, Maddy didn't bother me because she, at least, stuck to a (flawed) theory, while Aaron and Meryl went all salty and "NO U" mode. 

As someone who's played Town of Salem/Werewolf/Among Us it was frustrating to see how things were missed, or how people were manipulated. 

We loved Andrea so much.


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I haven't gotten around to watching UK yet. I watched the American one because Alan Cumming and since I'm familiar with more than a few of the Reality People on it. Most of my friends who also watch social strategy shows have recommended the UK version so I'll check it out.

If I might make a suggestion for a similar show to try out: The Mole. Concept is similar: people competing to win money but one of them is secretly The Mole who attempts to sabotage them so they win as little money as possible. There was a recent version on Netflix but the older seasons with Anderson Cooper as the host are also really good. It does do one thing I kind of wish The Traitors had done: You are completely unaware of who The Mole is so, as an audience member, you get to try to guess as the game goes on.

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Going in, I wasn't sure if we'd know the truth, but I'm glad we did because I don't want to feel tricked by the end. Plus, for me, it added more emotion to the show watching the Traitors have to deal with the emotional stress of removing people from the game.

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