Problem with the podcast feeds?

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I noticed my itunes never downloaded Ep 830 of Dread Media.  Went to the podcast page to download directly and it seems like only the two latest episodes are available.  Checked a few others and it seems like that is the issue for other podcasts as well.  I know it's happened before and is probably a host/server issue.

Basically, just checking to see if this is a 'me' issue.

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Not you, it's another GoDaddy issue. They're on their shit again, so I can only keep so many episodes up at a time. Down the line I should be able to keep more up at a time, but I need to play nice at the moment.

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I don't know if this would be helpful to you at all, but I noticed if you're subscribed, I can still listen to old episodes on my podcatcher (Spotify) even if they're not available directly on the site at the moment.

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