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I have a small collection of original comic book art, and I was wondering if anyone else on the board collects these one of a kind pieces of comic book history.

If so, list the book and issue the piece is from, as well as the characters featured on the page.

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Batgirl #7, page 22 (splash page) -- Lady Shiva punching Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)

Batgirl #11, page 11 -- Batman kicking around David Cain

Cable #5, cover -- Cable diving away from Sinsear

Fantastic Four (v3) #30, page 22 (3/4 splash page) -- Sue, Johnny, and Ben; Reed in Doom's armor; the return of Doctor Doom in makeshift armor

GI Joe #2 (Image) pin-up -- Roadblock cooking dinner (not so sure about the issue number; it's either 2 or 3)

Nightwing (v2) #22, pages 2-3 (double-page spread, splash) -- Nite-Wing and Justice Force (distorted/dream versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Tarantula)

Nightwing (v2) #49, pages 22 (splash page) -- Torque holding someone hostage

Nightwing (v2) #50, pages 24 -- Nightwing, Torque, and some woman getting blown up

Ravage 2099 #24, page 3 -- some guys attacking Ravage

Robin #53, pages 28-29 (double-page spread, splash) -- destroyed Gotham City, no one special

Spider-Man 2099 #26, pages 2-3 (double-page spread, 1/2 splash) -- Spidey 2099 hangs himself (dream sequence)

Transmetropolitan #3, pages 4-5 (double-page spread, splash) -- a riot seen from the rooftops, no one special

There are three other pages in the basement, but someone spilt soda on them. :( Thankfully they weren't pages I cared that much about:

C.O.P.S. #?, page ? -- unknown characters

Marvel Christmas Special, page 4 of the Punisher story -- Punisher (dressed as Santa) stopping a thug

Robotech #?, page 20

I also have the original script for The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 written by Alan Moore -- this is the first appearance of John Constantine (It's actually a copy from Moore's collection.)

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