Sleeper By Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips


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Huge bump, but Sleeper is one of the best overall books I have ever read. I'd probably place it in the top 10. Its superbly dark, a story about a agent placed inside a sophisticated terrorist organisation. His only confidant, the man who placed him there, is in a Coma and Holden Carver starts to wonder which side he's really working for doing what he does with no way out and no-one in the government who knows what his real role is. Not to mention all the kickass super-powers. Holden absorbs pain and injuries and releases it on skin-to-skin contact. Miss Misery feels better and better when she does worse and worse things. Seriously, she kicks old men under buses and has random sex with strangers before killing them before missions to make her more powerful. Best of all is the heroine who gains power from gay men. Her origin is Peter Parkers with a slight twist, she was bitten by a radioactive homosexual.

Fun, brutal, gory, intruiging, sexy, emotional, sleeper is all these things. Its probably the best work Brubaker (currently on Daredevil) has done.

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