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I have yet to read this but it has been on my radar for a while. I found it difficult to explain the character of Hatter Madigan because it's a spin off of The Looking Glass Wars mini-series, which is inspired by the novel, The Looking Glass Wars, which hasn't even been released yet. I found an interview at newsarama and the auther Frank Beddor explains the premise of the story:

Frank Beddor: The comic book mini-series (Geo-Graphic Novel Volume 1) Hatter M tells the parallel story of Alyss’s 13 year exile through the travels of her Royal Bodyguard, Hatter Madigan as he crisscrosses the globe in a desperate non-stop search to find the lost princess after they are separated in the Pool of Tears while escaping a bloody coup in Wonderland. For those unfamiliar with the first book of The Looking Glass Wars trilogy, the bigger story reveals the true history of Wonderland based upon a stunning discovery which unmasked the ultimate literary lie, a twisted fabrication that had existed for nearly 150 years. While universally accepted that Lewis Carroll was inspired to write his classic children’s books to entertain 7-year-old Alice Liddell it is far from true. Lewis Carroll did not tell Alice Liddell the story of Wonderland, she told him! Alice was not born into the Liddell family, she was adopted. Her true identity was Alyss Heart, the future Queen of Wonderland. Lewis Carroll had changed everything and everyone including the identity of her royal bodyguard. Hatter M is not the story of a Mad Hatter. Hatter Madigan is an expert bladesman, a ranking High Cut of the Wonderland Millinery and not the tea guzzling madman of children’s lit. Aggressively focused on the one purpose in his life, Hatter’s search for Alyss commences immediately and continues incessantly leaving the whispers and totems of myth in the wake of his non-stop quest.
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