Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran leave AOTS...


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You didn't see it on Thursday?!? Yeah the show's going to change, at the end of the ep on Thursday they showed a great clip package of the two. The two look like they're really happy together, I hope they enjoy that year-long honneymoon

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You didn't notice the rather sudden and idiotic format change? Original programming is costing them too much money, and since syndicated shows are cheap, they'll continue to flood the network with garbage like Fastlane, Man Show, and Banzai. G4 isn't a video game channel anymore, so their original fanbase is slowly leaving them.

AOTS and X-Play will be dead within the year. You can quote me on that.

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Yeah, I can't see the network lasting much longer anyway.

When you take over another, more successful network, why do you erase nearly everything that network was doing, and replace it with your shit that was going down the tubes? It's a fucking idiotic way to run a business.

Plus, it's kind of a weird thing that Kevin Rose's podcast is more popular than any of G4's. I mean, if you let the most popular guy on your network who doesn't drive a car go, what exactly is motivating your programming choices?

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Speaking of KRose, I wonder what he thinks about this since he and Sarah were an item for a while.

From wikipedia:

Rose was one of only six TechTV personalities, including Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Sarah Lane, Chi-Lan Lieu, and Brendan Moran, to survive the massive layoffs resulting from the May 2004 merger of G4 and TechTV.

That had to be awkward.

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I like Fastlane. :blush:

AOTS and X-Play will be dead within the year. You can quote me on that.

I just did. :yes:

I demand some sort of prize if I'm right.

Has anyone else seen the "New and Improved" X-Play? I.e., Pulse/Electric Playground?

I think that a video game news and information show was sorely needed on G4. I do not think, however, that they needed to destroy their best show to have one. (Damning with faint praise, I know.) I watch X-Play for reviews and for the humor (which actually shocks me from time to time by actually being funny). I watch it now and I get interviews and ten minutes of "Cheat".

Grumble... I really used to like G4. Well, not love it, but it had an assload of potential and it's been totally pissed away.

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