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No, Ashton Kutcher has not commandeered my keyboard, and no, this is not a really early April Fool's Day gag: Funny lady Janeane Garofalo is joining the cast of 24.

Although details of the casting are few and far between at this point, what I can tell you is this: 1) Come fall, she'll be a regular, 2) her character is a government agent who is part of the team investigating the crisis befalling Jack Bauer and Co. in the upcoming season, and 3) since the comedienne's persona often brings to mind Mary Lynn Rajskub's prickly Chloe, the potential for on-screen fireworks is greater than it has been during any of the show's previous bomb threats.

For that matter, there's a good chance that there will be a few explosions behind the scenes, too, since the Ben Stiller Show alumna is legendarily liberal, and 24's executive producer, Joel Surnow, is notoriously conservative. (Keep an eye out for future blind items. I kid. I kid!)

So, what do you think, folks? Is Garofalo the fresh blood that 24 needs to get itself pumping again? Or should she hit the set running because of that shark she's going to be asked to jump? Don't hold back.

Strangest casting move ever.

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