Captain Planet VS. Batman (Adam West)

James D.

And the winner is...?  

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Battle of the Horribly Bad Puns!!!

Place: Doesn't matter.

Conditions: Not a fight. Merely a contest to see who deals out the worst puns.

EDIT: SIGH. Yoda, can you change this to a poll? Sorry.

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EDIT: SIGH.  Yoda, can you change this to a poll?  Sorry.


My hatred for the 1960s Batman TV show runs bone-deep, but even I have to admit they wrote some funny lines once in a while. Captain Planet's one-liners on the other hand were schlock.


So we're voting for who had the worst puns, right? I know you said that, but I want to make sure.

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Yes, if the two of them met, who would deal out the worst puns? (Of course, we base this on all the ones they reeled off during their respective shitty ass shows.)

Thanks for clarifying that. As I said, Captain Planet's dialog made me ill, so he wins for having the worst one-liners.

Incidentally, here's a link to the Captain Planet site.

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"If I don't contain those chemicals, we're in for a spill!"


Sadly, I'd watch that show when I was at my dad's. Even as a kid I knew it was crap, but nothing else was on at 6:00a (or whenever) except infomercials and televangelists.

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