Eureka Seven

James D.

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So, this is Adult Swim's new flavor of the half-year and so far, it's been pretty enjoyable. Some of the voice acting is annoying, but Crispin Freeman being there almost automatically makes up for that. I'm waiting for them to get into the crux of what the Gekkostate actually DOES, but for now, it's hooked me.

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What's it about?

Basically, you have this 14-year-old kid named Renton who is bored out of his mind every day and thinks everything sucks. He has to live in the shadow of his deceased father who saved the entire planet and is basically the world's most revered hero. Then one day, a strange girl piloting a stolen mech crashes into his house. (Renton is stunned at how beautiful she is rather than noticing what has happened to his house.) The mech is psychically tuned to the girl (Eureka) and it seems to be "happier" when Renton is near it. It seems that Renton can somehow tap into these invisible energy waves that power this mech and those like it. So, he decides to help out Eureka and the organization she works for in order to get away from his boring life and to try and get Eureka to like him. Of course, he has absolutely no clue what he's getting into.

It's hard to explain, but that's the gist of it as of now. It's a good mix of comedy, romance and action.

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