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This is an awesome review, D.W. It's very concise (in that it didn't stray away from the points / review and into superfluous personal reflection; well, besides the intro, but that's there for humor) and knowledgeable.

More reviews, please. :happy:

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Thanks Mike. Hope everyone else liked it as well.

Just a quick update for everyone.

I'll (hopefully) be recording the next G3 on Monday, as I have a surprise day off of work, and therefor will have all day to prepare for once.

My next review is most likely going to be the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. That said, I don't really want to do two PS2 games in a row, so I'm also considering either Painkiller or Dreamfall for the X-Box.

Some other columns I'm working on.

D.W.'s 100 Favorite Games of All Time (A multi-part series, probably in bits of 5 or 10)

My Thoughts on G4, the "video game" network.

My Personal Pieces of Advice on Buying Games.

A Breakdown on the Next Gen Wars, and my thoughts.

And more that I haven't thought of yet!

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