Demitri Maximoff v Solid Snake


BVGBA: round three, poll one  

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I have to go with the Lord of the Nightstalkers in this one. Snake is cool and everything, but Demitri is one of my favorite characters of all time.

-Snake is the guy trying to save the world all the while taking orders from higher ups.

-Demitri is the guy taking over the world while taking orders from noone.

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Hah, I'm quoting you for the Snake argument...

Snake is the perfect solider, a man who is sent in alone in situations were squadrons of soliders would fail, he too takes out whole armies singlehandidly, albeit in a more stealthy matter, takes down bi-pedal nuclear tanks, and has the badass talk down to a "t".

Snake is methodical and intelligent, singling out enemies and thinning the herd. Hiding the bodies, using the right weapon for the right situation, all the while without ever being seen. Snake only fights when he has to, he is a 20th century ninja.


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