Episode 49


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To clarify something: around the 1:30:00 mark I seem to contradict myself. I said something like, "In the real world, I would be against this law," and seconds later, "If there were really people with powers, I'd be for this."

Here's what I meant: the knee-jerk reaction and the profiling of mutants (who can't help the way they're born) is wrong. However, I would be very scared of untrained people recklessly using their powers to "save" me and mine. So I'd be very, very torn; while I want to be safe, I don't want to blame people for being born different than I. Nor do I wish to react to a complicated matter so quickly.

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Great listen Yoda once more, love to hear both of your views on the Civil War helping to point out things im not that clear on and also to back things up and make them even better for me.

Like how you were comparing things to real life especially with tha talk on the stolen information (laptop was it?) yet the contents were never revealed, got me thinking again that this is where the disc 42 comes into play for me.

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The Daily Bugle CW special was very enjoyable. A mini-treat with all the 70+ CW tie ins, it was nice to get a comic for 50 cents. Still listening to the show. DC books & Marvel & Marvel CW is raping my wallet monthly. In Dec. books, I will do alot of cuting of both DC & Marvel to try new titles.

Rock on E2-Net!


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Finished listening to the show and I just wanted to say thanks again. For providing a detailed look at CW & its tie ins. Props to you Mike, talking & talking & talking about Civil War, even when you talked about current events & mini rants it was enjoyable. I really enjoy both of your efforts. Can you provide a list of Major tie-ins for CW in you & Jenny's opinon that are a must have in list form?

Looking fwd to E2-net #50 next week & your next CW episode next month,


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Can you provide a list of Major tie-ins for CW in you & Jenny's opinon that are a must have in list form?

Here are the Civil War books I feel are must-reads.

The Road To Civil War (these books might be hard to find)

Amazing Spider-Man 529-531

- Stark gets into Peter's head.

- Peter makes Tony a promise he may come to regret.

Fantastic Four 536-537

- Doom!

- Mjollnir returns to Earth.

- Doom and Mjollnir!

New Avengers: Illuminati Special

- Establishes the Illuminati as power players in the Marvel Universe.

- Tony Stark outlines the forthcoming war.

Civil War (the numbers in parenthesis are the issues which have been released thus far)

Civil War 1-7 (1-3)

- Core story.

Civil War: Front Line 1-10 (1-5)

- A look at it from the "common man" perspective.

- It's also setting up Namor's return, and a possible war between the surface world and Atlantis.

Amazing Spider-Man 532-538 (532-534)

- Peter deals with the ramifications of his actions.

Fantastic Four 538-543 (538-539)

- Reed and Sue's marriage is crumbling.

- Ben's decision fractures the team.

- Someone picks up Mjollnir!

New Avengers 21-25 (21-22)

- Examines how the various Avengers are dealing with the war.

- Issue 22 almost turned me to the anti-SRA side.

Wolverine 42-47 (42-44)

- Wolverine hunts Nitro.

- Best Wolverine story since Enemy of the State.

X-Factor 8-9 (8-9)

- Ties Civil War and House of M together.

- Sets X-Factor at odds with the X-Men.

Black Panther 18 (18)

- For the most part, this is a nice, quiet break from the action.

Captain America 22-24

Iron Man 13-14

Punisher: War Journal 1-3

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I just wanted to answer one of your quandries during this show, pertaining to the Ceasefire. Somewhat spoilerific, but only if you have not read Young Avengers season one.

While you are talking about the people who were in attendance you mentioned one elder black man wearing a red white and blue tie. His name is Isaiah Bradley. What you said about him is accurate, but you missed out on one big thing about him which is important to another one of the books you reviewed. Isaiah Bradley is the grandfather of Elijah Bradley, who is Patriot from Young Avengers. (Ever wonder how Patriot got his powers?)

You were foggy on stuff with the current Vision also from Young Avengers. He has all of the programming of the Vision, but none of the memories (it is a totally different set of hardware, this Vision is Kang the Conquoror's armor + Vision's programming). He does however know the history of what has gone on with the Avengers and the original Vision, as well as Ultron. In order to prevent himself from making the same errors of the original Vision he has self programmed failsafes against doing things which the original Vision. So sometimes he has flashes of things, and sometimes his failsafe programming even deactivates him for a period.

Hope that helps clearing that stuff up for you.

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