John Cena: The next Steven Segal?


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Honestly, the movie doesn't look half-bad as an action-flick.

Oh, and nobody here will probably care, but Clev was bitching on the Oratory about the cop car being unrealistic. Many police and highway patrol organizations use Camaro cruisers. The unrealistic thing about it is that it's a manual. The vast majority of cop cars (in the US anyway) are automatics.

EDIT: I've done some research, and found something interesting:

Actually, there were B4C special service Camaros sold with 6 speed transmissions. 125 in 2002 to be exact. Why 2002? That was the year that hood scoop in the movie was used on production Camaros, though I can't find a picture of a B4C with that particular hood (though there are some with other styles of hood scoops).

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Steven Segal and a guy as ripped as Cena should not be compared in any way. I saw an article that listed Segal as "doughy actor, Steven Segal".

Yes, but the plot of the movie is like that of a lot of Segal's recent Direct-to-video efforts (I haven't watched any of them, but I do work in a video store and have read the video jackets) thus with Cena starring in a Segl-esque film would make him the next Segal.

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