TCM: The Beginning


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Jenny actually wants to see this. Here's our exchange after viewing a commercial:

Jenny: Ooh! I can't wait to see this!

Me: [stunned silence] Why...?

Jenny: So we can rip into it.

Me: [confused silence] What...?

Jenny: On the show.

Me: What makes you think we're seeing that?

Jenny: It's a horror movie. A bad one at that.

Me: Yeah. That ain't happening.

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You need to ask yourself one question:

Could it really be as bad as American Psycho 2?

Never having seen American Psycho 2 I can't answer that but TCM: The Beginning is a terrible, terrible film. Not Uwe Boll bad but bad nonetheless.

No, No,

I was referring to an episode of the show where Mike & Jenny did a commentary of American Psycho 2.

Half way through that show, Mike justs starts swearing uncontrollably at the film.

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