Medal Of Honor


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Head straight down as far as the British Platoon leader who will ask you for

help, ignore him and head straight across the road and into the building, to

your left are a few bits of ammo. Go upstairs and crawl up behind the enemy in

the first room, kill him and stand up. Across from you in the big building are

to snipers, they will cause chaos unless you kill them, so do that. Now move

into the next room and kill this little prick.

Don't go downstairs for awhile, you have a great sniping point from the two

rooms. However when you've sniped maybe 3 or 4 Nazis, head across the road and

Upstairs, you will hopefully find a medical kit and some ammo. When you've

done that, head downstairs and go straight into the chaos, kill all the

Germans on the street and move half way down it. Stop and aim straight ahead,

slowly look up through the scope at the top of the roofs, you should be able

to see one single sniper, kill him, he can be a real problem for the rest of

the group. When that sniper is dead, the area is fully secure, so walk around

and pick up the half dozen medical canteens until your health is fully


When you are happy with your health, move to the far end of the street and go

up left around the pile of rubble, when you emerge the other side, keep close

to the left wall and out of the tanks line of sight. Use your sniper rifle to

kill as many enemys as you can. When you've killed 7 or 8 nazis, run straight

through the chaos into a small intact building to the left of the tank. Inside

kill the German and use your sniper rifle to kill all those left outside. When

thats done, make a dash for the mounted machine gun. Use it to destroy the

tank (Objective 1, aim for the top, it will disarm the turret quicker.)

After you've combed the area for health and ammo, move down the road to the

left of the tank, again going around a pile of rubble. When you come to the

corner, just stop. Take a minute to reload all your weapons, then dash into

the centre of the wrecked street and kill anything that moves and does'nt

speak English. You should manage this area pretty well, so when your finished

again search for ammo and health in the buildings.

After a little while spent going around twists and turns, you will emerge in

"hell," Firstly hide behind something to get ready, next make your way up the

stairs to the top of a platform (where a house once stood.) From there kill

every thing, use any weapon, just get that Pazerschreck squad killed

(Objective 2,) because they are extremely dangerous. When you are happy that

the area is cleared get as many Pazerschreck shells as you can.

Head on through a hole in the wall to get into an alley, when you emerge on

the main street of Arhnem, use your sniper rifle to get ride of as many nazis

in the distance as possible; esspecially the ones who man the mounted machine


You will often run out of health, so make dashs into the different buildings

to search for health. When most of the Germans have been killed, use your new

Pazerschreck to destroy the tank (Objective 1,) it will take at least 6 well

placed shoots.

After the area in general has gained some sanity, head upstairs in the large

building to the right. At the top you will finally meet Jigs (Objective 3.)

I took that from a GameSkanker file. (Credit: Ciarán Gorman)


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