Reel Dread: Adapting a Legend: Do Your Math, Son!


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Richard Matheson's I Am Legend is widely considered to be the first and best modern horror novel; the author draws readers into the morbid monotony of Robert Neville's daily life with this stirring and ominous opening line: "On those cloudy days, Robert Neville was never sure when sunset came, and sometimes they were in the streets before he could get back."

The above is from:

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I hadn;t even heard of this book untill now (not much of a horror fan) but it sounds like a good read. I'll be keeping a lookout for it now. By the way Will Smith says he wants to move away from the 'Fresh Prince" persona so it might only suck half as bad!

The ONLY way it'll work is if Smith loses a lot of weight and the play up the fact that is is a bit of an awkward looking fella. Gangly and all. He'd be channeling Vincent Price in that respect.

Thanks for the comment Holacik! Don't be a stranger. And DO pick up that book!!! Try to get the edition with the short stories in the back matter. Excellent stuff.

Incidentally, the screenplay I mentioned has been removed (no surprise there) but scrolling down to the last third of this page has the first few pages posted

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