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Does anyone else know about this guy?

His reviews are really funny, however, they also bring up some painful memories(hell, one of the first games I owned on the NES was Top Gun).

And yes, I am aware that it says Angry Nintendo Nerd on his page, but, he did just review Rocky for the old Sega Master System and he says that he will do reviews on other consoles as well.

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Greatest moment I've seen so far was on the TMNT game where he's trying to make this hard jump. The ceiling blocks him from fully making it and he does it over and over and over and over again. All of a sudden, he accidently walks over it and discovers he didn't even have to do all that. His expression afterwards was just priceless.

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I remember finding the show a while ago on Youtube. Pretty funny stuff. Yoda’s right though, doing the same shtick for every review gets tiresome after a while. Especially his little swear filled rants; they become more grating and less funny with each new instalment. Still, he does try to mix things up occasionally.

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I've started watching this guy's stuff and for the most part I liked it, sure the curse filled rants got old a LONG time ago but some of the times where he points out the glaring flaws to a game is just priceless, If you have not seen the TMNT III one I suggest you check it out.

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