Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Mr. Keith

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Just got it tonight and I've played about 35 minutes into it.

The game is played holding the DS up sideways like a book, which makes sense because the game reads out like a graphic novel. I love the visual style of it--it's like film noir and some hints of anime mixed together.

The sheer amount of things you can look at and examine in this game is insane. I kid you not--virtually anything you can look at in this game is able to be interacted with or described. Best example so far of how deep it is? You can click on the lamp above the mirror in your hotel room bathroom and get a description (albeit an obvious one) of it. Paintings on the hotel walls, the vending machines, lamps, cabinets, tables, shower curtains, brochures, you name it.

When you talk to the other characters, you are given opportunities to select what response you say to them or what attitude you choose to take towards them. Depending on what you select, the character will be more inclined to be helpful and give you information or will just shun you because you took a tone towards them that they didn't take kindly to. There is no vocal talking. It's all written words on screen. And lots of them.

I haven't done all that much yet, but it definitely has me hooked just on how much STUFF you can interact with. More to come later as I play on.

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Got this game on Friday and have been playing it for several hours since then. Really addictive and nearly every character has a different story going through their lives that the main character seems to get himself involved in, on top of his own. The only parts I don't like are when you can't move along with the story due to some minor technicality.

The following is a problem I had in chapter 2 or 3. Nothing that'll give away the main story, but something that just frustrated me.

For instance, I got to a room where I found the item I was looking for. I left and couldn't figure out where to go from there, so I placed the item in a suitcase(Which was recommended ) and went searching around for what I had to do next. Turns out from gamefaqs, I had to look at EVERYTHING in the room and get it's description to progress the story even further along. So I did just that, still nothing. I eventually grabbed the item I placed in the suitcase, went back into the room and come back out to FINALLY see the cut scene I was looking for. And it was all because I missed a couple things that didn't originally see and left the necessary item behind.

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