Episode 85


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Great listen again Bento cheers, anyone any idea if the artwork they show usually appears on the net or is it strictly just for those there that day?

Glad Thunderbolts was mentioned as its by far the concept that has my imagination running the most, infact just thinking of all the new things stemming from Civil War alot of people will be more interested in different groups due to the change around, anyone have anything they now cant wait for whereas before CW they couldnt be bothered with the comic?

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Here ya go man. It's actually a pretty detailed breakdown of the panel with pics.


Check out the WWH trailer too (awesome).


As for what I'm looking forward to. I think things are changing for me. After thinking about everything that is coming and trying to figure out how I'm going to aford this, I've decided to consolodate. I'm going to focus on WWH and then some stand alone series like JSA, Astonishing and some minis here and there.

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