Episode 88


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Regarding the crazy DVD-ness with the old TMNT series, according to wiki, Season 4 will be the first true Season set, the rest were like so.

Volume 1: Contained the 5 episode long Season 1, as well as 4 random episodes from the FINAL season (Season 10)

Volume 2: Contained all 13 episodes of Season 2.

Volume 3: Contained the first 12 episodes of Season 3.

Volume 4: Contained the next 12 episodes of Season 3.

Volume 5: Contained the NEXT 12 episdoes of Season 3.

Volume 6: Contained the final 11 episodes of Volume 3, as wll as the first episode of Season 4.

Season 4: Contains the remaining 40 episodes from Season 4 (as in S04E01 is not present.) There will also be special features on this 5-disc set.

So...the Season 4 set that is coming out is not only NOT the first full-season set as it claims to be, but doesn not evern contain the full fucking season.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

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I have to wait for both iTunes to list the show (the subscribed version came out at 12 minutes) and to pick up #7 next week to listen but I'm psyched about the renewed regularity of the show!

Hmm. The full thing downloaded for me, both at home and just now at work. Are you sure your connection didn't just crap out?

To make up for lost time, the current plan is to produce two episodes per week until 100. But that could change in a heartbeat. At the very least we will do everything in our power to produce one show per week.

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