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Despite not being someone who reads comics, I listened to this out of curiosity and found it to be pretty informative. Well, the bits I could hear!!! You can hear Mike give an inward chuckle at something 55 minutes in but you can't tell why!!! Still, a nice change of scene from the usual.

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Yup. If it wasn't the panelists mentioning the outcome, it was someone in the crowd. Had it only been a minor spoiler, I wouldn't have thought to warn people beforehand. But because it's so huge, I had no choice but to put a warning out there.

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Without spoiling anything, I'll say this: What we saw at the end has been hinted at since the second page of New Avengers #1, and is going to cause major rifts in the already torn Marvel Universe. Bendis has been planning this for a long time, so now we have the pleasure of rereading all those New Avengers issues to find the seeds. It also involves us in the book more, because we can go around asking, "Who else...?" I don't know where this is heading, though I have a guess; even if my guess is wrong, I'm still very excited for things to come.

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