Flash #13


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If you've yet to read Flash #13 (the final issue before they relaunch Flash with #231), you might want to skip this thread.

Okay... I warned you...

Bart Allen is dead, killed at the hands of the Rogues Gallery.

On one hand I'm pissed that another Young Justice member is dead, but this adult Bart wasn't my Bart. My Bart was fun and impulsive (pun intended); this Bart was just a drag, and I hope DC either pulls the younger (RE: fun) Bart out of the time stream or says the adult Flash / Bart wasn't him at all. Even if it was him, I still have my memories of Impulse and Young Justice, and I'm sure the youthful character will be restored soon enough.

Until then: RIP Bart Allen, and thanks for making comics fun in the 90s.

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He joined the Speed Force before IC and then emerged from it aged, so there's an easy out if they ever want to bring him back as the fun-loving Impulse / Kid Flash.

My guess is that the next Flash will be Wally. Otherwise they wouldn't be going back to the numbering from his book.

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