NEXT (spoilers)

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I recently watched the 2007 movie NEXT, in which a man with a small time magician act in las vegas has the power to tell the future. I'll admit i liked the idea of the movie having a man being able to tell the future, but having a limit on it so that it doesnt portray him as this big omnicient being like The Beyonder in the comics. Anyway, the FBI find out about his ability and hunt him down trying to make him help prevent a nuclear disaster that will kill billions. He feels that he is no use to them because he can only see 2 minutes into the furture when they want him to look much more than that to find out where and when this bomb will go off. It can get confusing at times when he predicts the future, because it plays out like the actual movie and you dont know whats really happening until he zones back in and the real plot continues. What really ticks me off though is the ending for the simple fact that there isnt one, it plays out after a scene with him and a woman in the bed...from there, many things happen that i my fingers dont want to type right now. we end up seeing that him and the FBI agents he finally teamed up with find that the bomb is not only gone but active at the last moment when the bomb goes off, ZOOM back to the bed where he and the girl are sleeping. like i said very confusing at times :doh: ...knowing now that all that he did made him too late to save the day, he calls up the FBI woman and now knows what to do, and this is where i get pissed...instead of doing it, he says he's ready to do it AND THE MOVIE ENDS! ARGGGG :grumble: I AM SO GLAD I WATCHED THIS ON THE NET FOR FREE

(i know i said there were just sorry they're crappy spoilers)

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If I cared at all about this movie, I may have been upset at the spoilers. Ease up Bri, ;)

Ni Cage, for me, has become a living joke. To me, the only decent Cage films are Leaving Las Vegas, Bringing Out the Dead, and Lord of War.

Everything else is shite. Shite, I tells ya!

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