Reel Dread: A Roundtable Interview with Rob Zombie, Part One


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The next edition of Reel Dread is going to be huge. So huge, in fact, we have to split it into two parts. Part one will run on Monday (06 August) and part two on Wednesday (08 August). Can you guess who the subject is? There's a clue on

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Born of carnival workers and steeped in 1960s B movies, Rob Zombie got his start in show business as a technician on the seminal show Pee-wee's Playhouse. From there he went on to form one of the most popular heavy metal bands of the 1980s and 90s: White Zombie. The band, named after a Bela Lugosi film, wore Zombie's fascination with horror films on their sleeve and produced four records before disbanding. Zombie later continued his multi-platinum success with his self-titled solo albums, but that too was set aside -- this time for films. In mere weeks, Zombie's re-imagined vision of Halloween, the classic John Carpenter film, will be released. In this very special director spotlight, the director himself will tell you about the forthcoming film and all things Zombie.

The above is from:

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Excellent work, Des!

For those of you (RE: everyone) who missed the clue on, here it is:

Readers (and non-readers) of Reel Dread aren't going to want to miss Monday's edition! One of the genre's most controversial directors will be the focus of Desmond's weekly feature, and it's sure to turn some heads.

Before that, however, you'll receive episode 133 of The Show, which is Kellen's recap of Ai-Kon 2007.

Zooming in like a bat out of hell is Wizard World Chicago 2007. Only a few days remain before the annual convention dominates the Chicagoland area. Mike and Jenny will record the panels, as always, presenting them to you as episodes of The Show.

Besides that, you'll see plenty of content on the site in the coming weeks. Including a new review series by James Deaux, another interview conducted by Jenny, Mike's piece on the Skrulls (he promises), a top-secret project and much more! is always looking for new writers, so e-mail us if you're interested in writing for the site.

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