Reel Dread - Suspended Animation: Does It Hold Up?


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I very rarely partake in bootlegging. I'd prefer to support those who make art, but sometimes that's just not possible. Without the evil underground bootleg market I would have been unable to enjoy From Beyond (just recently released on DVD) and I would have been unable to be eye-raped by Roger Corman's Fantastic Four. This summer, I was able to partake in bootlegging that has brought me full circle.

The above is from:

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I liked this a lot, Mr Reddick! For a film/show to truly be regarded as a classic, it kind of HAS to hold up years after it was made in some way. This Dracula film makes me think of the animated LOTR series (which I only partially remember) and how that interpretation has come to be ridiculed nowadays (such as in the Lemmiwinks episode of South Park).

Oh, and did you ever respond to my review of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four? I agree that it's a pretty bad film by all accounts, but it's got charm going for it if nothing else!

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