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Your favourite British Comic Creator  

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It can easily be argued - and in a future column, it will be argued, don't worry - that the British have created some of the best comics in history, whether writing or drawing.

So which is your favourite and why?

For me, it's Alan Moore. From Skizz through From Hell, the man has never failed to entertain me and make me think. Never. He also wrote the best Batman story in history, 'The Killing Joke'. The man is a god.

How about you?

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You've added Millar, a Scotsman, but not Garth? <_< It doesn't matter anyway, as my votes goes to Alan Moore.

Mod powers......they allow me to create a new option. Garth has been added. And, being scottish, Millar is British. Being Irish, Garth Ennis isn't.....sadly, being Northern Irish fucks up my point, so he gets added.

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This poll is fucked up, due to the absence of Dave McKean (who gets my vote, under 'Other').

'Who would vote for anyone other than Moore?'

I would. I'd probably vote Gaiman over Moore too, since the subject is 'favorite', not 'technically the best'.

Anyway, McKean's mini-series "Cages" is my favorite comic book work of all time, so that easily leverages this poll in his favor. Most of his other comic book works (like "Black Orchid", "Violent Cases", and "Arkham Asylum") are also great, though entirely different, stylistically. His short story collection, "Pictures That Tick", has some fantastic work as well, more like "Cages" than "Arkham Asylum".

Not sure if I should count his work illustrating all the Sandman and the Dreaming covers. I won't, because I think this should be based strictly on their sequential work, rather than illustration and design.

Doesn't matter though, 'cause I'd vote for McKean solely based on "Cages" anyway. I'm biased like that.

Look forward to your column on British comic creators, by the way.

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