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On the recent episode you guys mentioned that you're up in the air as to whether you'll cover Teen Titans or not. I think it would be cool if you had a special episode talking about the ways Teen Titans "sorta kinda might coult" fit into DCAU continuity proper, if you decide to not cover the series as a whole.

I've personally never watched the series, but I enjoy listening to theories.

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OK, cool.

And while I'm talking about things I would like to see you two do. I know it isn't animated, and falls a bit out of the focus of your show, but looking at the second volume of Batman Adventures comic might be a topic worth covering. It ties very heavily into TNBA but showcases some new and really interesting ideas for the universe. It really is a gem of a series and pretty short at only 17 issues.

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Actually, James and I have discussed covering The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years, which bridges the gap between BTAS and Gotham Knights. It focuses on Nightwing's origin, tells how Tim found the Batarang, along with several other things. We're not 100% sure we're going to do it, and, even if we do, it's a matter of when. Directly following BTAS, before GK or during GK?

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