Episode 165


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I was going to make this point in the DC question page, but as you make the point in the podcast, I thought I'd address it here.

The Lois-Lane-does-something-questionable-in-a-strip-club question. You said you didn't like it because it was Lois Lane that was being used, and because it would be tantamount to Superman doing the same if the whole scenario was gender-reversed (Green Arrow's stag do). Unless I've misinterpreted what you said, I'd say otherwise. Granted, this is coming off what I know as being the basics of the Lois Lane character as I don't read comics and am fully expected to have something pointed out to me immediately.

With all that said, Lois Lane is a top investigative journalist. She's hard-nosed and will go above & beyond to get a story, certainly much more so than Clark Kent. As a result you'd expect, in terms of character, Lois is more daring and determined than Superman's persona. I agree that Kent would be fully uncomfortable in a venue such as a strip club, but I could potentially see Lois letting her hair down and "playing hard" due to her personality. With that said, you could easily argue that she would be courting professional suicide if it emerged that she'd done something suspect like snorted cocaine or had a one night stand, and thus wouldn't actually go through with such an act. All I'm saying is that was she not someone with a public profile, it would be potentially in her nature to risk something on a wild girls night out. As I say though, I'm pinning that on a character whom I don't fully know the history of.

Anyway, I always love dipping into these. Granted, "dipping into" may be the wrong expression, given how long they go for!!! Even so, it's definitely appreciated that you guys are going through a weekly series in this manner. Even if you're hating it (that comment's especially for Mike!), it's a good testament to the site that something ongoing in current comics is getting this kind of coverage. It's certainly informing a non-reader like me, who relies on such tidbits to act as the basis of my opinions on the entire industry as a whole (that isn't as harsh as it sounds - I have a degree in HISTORY, which is all about fiddling about with the few facts you remember!!!!). So plaudits to you, Mike & Des, for all you suffer through to bring the rest of us such coverage!!!

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Thanks, Ian. You're right, Lois will do just about anything for a story and she used to live on the wild side. (Depending on which continuity you follow, she formerly dated Lex Luthor.) However, here she wasn't chasing a story; she was hanging out with female superheroes in a strip club, which is fine in and of itself. The dialog associated with her entrance, however, very much implied something else was going on.

The reason it irks me is because she's an icon, and because I have respect for the character. Just like Superman is the superhero all others must live up to, Lois is the non-powered / go-getting female all others are modeled upon. To even imply that she was up to something involving copious amount of booze, drug usage or extramarital sex doesn't fly with me.

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