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So, yeah. I'm starting to make music. Sort of just got the inspiration to do it, recently. Anyone who's heard my voice on The Show is probably laughing their ass off right now, but I'm having a go at it anyway.

Problem is, I have no idea what to call myself. "Dubs" is a bit too generic.

I was considering something video game or comic related, but nothing's jumping out at me.

Any suggestions for something cool would help.

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I have a list of unused band names I created on my blog years ago. I think this is my final list:

1) Bastard Sockhop

2) Sack of Ferrets

3) Openly Straight

4) The Mung Beatles

5) Detritus

6) Terrible Beauty

7) Schnauzer Snake

8) Sirius

9) Orion's Belt

10) Miss Take

11) The Stephen Hawking Project

12) Thunderpope

13) Horny Cheese Grater

14) Anarchist Breakfast

15) Dirty Bastard

16) Painstake

17) The Suffering Fools

18) Superfluous Mandingo

19) Steaming

20) The Lager Tops

21) The Crackspackles

22) Thirteen Stone

23) The Ultimate Pen

24) Homolka Sunbeam

25) Technocult

26) Narcissistic Fibrosis

27) Sins Against Fashion

28) The Irish Roves

29) Gulls on Submarine

30) Between Jobs

31) Above and Bleeding

32) Movies in Arabic

33) With Cheese or Without?

34) Werewolf Balls

35) The Way R2D2 Talks

36) Electric Sheep

37) Anaesthetic Awareness

38) The BDSMs (The Botched Dental Surgery Magnates)

39) Heidi Christ

40) Jesus Fleiss

41) Miscellania

Actually, someone has taken Terrible Beauty ( I stole it from Yeats anyway) and Thunderpope is me.

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Sirius is most definately taken, as is Dirty Bastard, obviously. Thunderpope is great though.

Unfortunately, none of rest would work since I'm a solo act.

I'm heavily considering something like Serge, who is the main character of Chrono Cross and also the name of a delicious drink.

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Other names I've considered.

D- Unit


YTCracker (this one's been taken for a while, I've learned.)

Captain Cold

White Flash (opposite of Black Flash, I guess)

GameBro (yeah, that one's wack, I'll admit)

Kurt Wagner

Black Adam

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