Northlanders #1


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Anyone who's listened to The Show or visited the forums knows I'm not Brian Wood's biggest fan. Saying nothing of his writing, my problem with the man stems from the standoffish, dare I say arrogant attitude he's presented at comic book conventions. When a creator presents himself in an unfavorable light, I find it hard to separate his public persona from his craft. Instead of seeing his comics as being independent from him, I see the creator and the comic books he creates as one creature. Worse still, sometimes I see the creator before the comic. And that's the case whenever I see DMZ on the shelf: it isn't a comic book created by Brian Wood, it is Brian Wood. So all of that indy arrogance he oozed last I saw him on a panel (Wizard World Chicago 2006), I see dripping from DMZ.

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Mind you, I don't think I ever said the book would suck. I simply didn't think I'd be able to see the comic without Wood's presence overshadowing it. Thankfully I was able to, because it really is a great read.

If DC follows their typical pattern, the first collection will only be $10.

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